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Flood Sensors

Flood Sensors

Allow a Geist/WatchDog climate monitor to detect leaks that could damage your equipment, measuring conductivity and indicating whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water
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Flood Sensor, 100 feet

1) Flood Sensor, 100 feet Model No. 6326-100 In stock

$87.29 Compare to MSRP $97.00 - You save $9.71
Flood Sensor, 15 feet

2) Flood Sensor, 15 feet Model No. 6326 In stock

$50.39 Compare to MSRP $56.00 - You save $5.61

Knows when water invades your equipment or server room

• Used to detect water leaks
• Connects to a Geist/WatchDog climate monitor via analog input or analog to digital converter
• Receive alarms via email or SNMP

The flood sensor allows a Geist/WatchDog climate monitor to detect leaks that could damage your equipment. The sensor measures conductivity and indicates whether the sensor is dry, damp, or completely immersed in water.

When water or other conductive liquid is present, a tiny electrical current flows between the metal contacts on the sensor. The more liquid, the higher the current. A cable attached to the sensor allows the climate monitor to detect the presence and severity of a leak. Some example sources include:
• Plumbing fixtures
• Air-conditioner drip pans
• Condensation-outflow pans
• Roof/ceiling leaks