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Matrix Controller

Model No. EXT-CU-LAN In stock

Matrix Controller
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EXT-CU-LAN: Controller for Gefen family of video and KVM over IP products in a virtual matrix environment 

configure, manage, and control a scalable and expandable virtual matrix 

EXT-CU-LAN Matrix Controller is a hardware platform designed to manage and control the Gefen family of video and KVM over IP products in a virtual matrix environment. Its comprehensive and user-friendly interface can be accessed by any web-enabled device, including phones, tablets, and PCs.

End-users can control matrix routing and access presets, no matter the size and complexity of the system. It also manages access to the AV network, providing two independent levels of security for administrators and end-users.

Setup of the matrix system is simple and straightforward. All connected Gefen video or KVM over IP products are automatically detected and configured as necessary.

Its conventional front-panel layout includes push-buttons and a 40-character backlit display, dramatically reducing end-user learning curve by emulating a standard AV matrix.

EXT-CU-LAN has been designed to work in conjunction with the Gefen Syner-G™ software, available from the Gefen website. Gefen Syner-G™ simplifies discovery and IP configuration of this product. Once installed on a LAN, EXT-CU-LAN facilitates quick identification of all Gefen video and KVM over IP devices that are on the network and assigns IP addresses to them.

Gefen Matrix Controller's unique enclosure shape provides flexible installation options. Its slanted front panel enhances user access to push-buttons and provides for better display readability when placed on a conference table. Its 2U tall enclosure and detachable rack ears facilitate installation in a standard 19-inch-wide equipment rack.

In addition to its plethora of user control options via web-enabled handheld devices, front panel, and the included IR remote, this product features Telnet and UDP for integration into an automation control system.

With applications ranging from broadcast, rental/staging, control rooms, security, digital signage, campus/education, to multi-room AV, EXT-CU-LAN provides a complete and cost-effective solution for managing video and audio in classrooms, conference rooms, command centers, and as the backbone of any high performance system that needs to interface with multiple sources and displays, AV formats, and resolutions in a dynamic environment.


How it Works
If this product will be placed on a table or shelf, attach the included rubber feet to the bottom of the unit.
If the unit is to be mounted in a standard 19-inch wide equipment rack, attach the two included rack-ears to the front sides of the unit, using the machine screws provided.
EXT-CU-LAN can be set up to manage a single LAN that includes control and AV routing devices, or a system with two independent Local Area Networks; one for system control and another for AV routing.
It comes pre-configured to work with a single LAN (its "Network Mode" is set to "Combined").
If your system architecture calls for independent control and AV/KVM routing networks, the matrix controller needs to be set to "Separate" mode.
When te EXT-CU-LAN is being used in single network mode, connect the LAN 1 port to the managed switch for this network.
The LAN 1 port can also receive power over Ethernet (PoE), alleviating the need to connect the external 5V DC power supply that ships with the product.
If setting up a system with two independent Local Area Networks for system control and AV/KVM routing: Connect the LAN 1 port of the EXT-CU-LAN to the control network. Connect the Ethernet port called LAN 2 to the other Local Area Network that includes the Video/KVM over-IP Senders and Receivers.
If PoE is not available from the network that is connected to the LAN 1 port, connect the included power supply to the 5V DC power supply jack and to an available electrical outlet.
The Power LED will glow in blue and the display will turn on to indicate that the unit is receiving power.

Features and Benefits
• Detects, configures, and controls all Gefen video and KVM over IP products
• Manages up to 65,000 Gefen video and KVM over IP products within an infrastructure
• Built-in web server allows access from any web-enabled device, including phones, tablets, and PCs
Syner-G• Two Ethernet ports with independent IP and MAC Addresses allow segregation of video/KVM LAN and control LAN, and help provide separate security layers for administrators and end-users
• Seamless integration with Gefen Syner-G™ software allows for quick installation and configuration on a network
• Automatic assignment of IP addresses for all Gefen video and KVM over IP devices on a network
• Front panel control push-buttons/display, handheld IR remote, and web server interface allow easy and convenient end-user operation
• Automation control system interface via Telnet and UDP
• Supports mass firmware upgrade to all Gefen video and KVM over IP products
• Field upgradable device via built-in web server
• PoE (power over Ethernet) on LAN 1 port eliminates the need for an external power supply
• Password-protected independent user and administrative access
• Easy to read 2 line/20 characters per line LCD
• System configuration upload/download function
• Plug-and-play installation with little to no set-up
• Locking power supply connector
• 2U tall rack-mountable enclosure, detachable rack ears included
• Slanted front panel for ergonomic push-button access and display visibility when placed on a table