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2-port Ethernet controller of serially-controllable devices 

• Control - RS-232 or RS-485 to Ethernet
• BiDirectional Communications
• Size - Compact TOOLS - 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter.

FC-22ETH is a bidirectional RS-232 or RS-485 to Ethernet control signal converter. It allows two RS-232 (or one RS-485 and one RS-232) controllable devices to be controlled via an Ethernet or LAN connection.

FC-22ETH gives installers the ability to implement simultaneous control over two AV devices spread throughout an installation by offering bidirectional Ethernet to serial conversion. FC-22ETH operates as a network server, which means it accepts network connections, but does not initiate them.

All setup and maintenance of FC-22ETH are managed by built-in web pages, which are accessible through any common web browser. 

FC-22ETH supports network connectivity, which allows users to connect a Kramer (or other) device via its RS-232 or RS-485 port to an Ethernet LAN. FC-22ETH is able to control one RS-232 device and one RS-232/RS-485 device via Ethernet from a PC and can control a device from multiple Ethernet points (up to 40 PCs or remote controllers), via a LAN or the Internet. In addition, FC-22ETH includes Windows® based Virtual Port software for setting up virtual ports on a PC.

FC-22ETH also features easy setup and configuration of the device through its built-in web pages (compatible with most common web browsers), remote firmware upgrades, and 1U rack space with the optional rack adapters.

Features and Benefits
• Ports - 1 RS-232 and 1 serial (RS-232 or RS-485 selectable), 1 Ethernet
• Simultaneous Communication - With up to 40 PC clients
• USB Port - For firmware upgrades
• Compact Kramer TOOLS™ - 3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3TR rack adapter

• Ideal for use with Ethernet/RS-232 interfaces and/or Ethernet/RS-485 interfaces.


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