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DisplayPort, USB CIM w/Virtual Media

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DisplayPort, USB CIM w/Virtual Media
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D2CIM-DVUSB-DP: Digital DisplayPort, USB computer interface module [CIM] 

supporting virtual media (BIOS access) and absolute mouse synchronization

Computer Interface Module (CIM) provides UTP-cabling connection between KVM switch and connected server/target system. Computer Interface Module converts video signals from the attached server for transmission over UTP (CAT-5/5e/6) cabling.

With built-in server identification memory, CIM retains the name assigned to the attached device, and allows connection to a crash-cart for emergency access from a local console.

Each CIM connects to the KVM ports of an individual server and delivers 'keep-alive' keyboard/mouse emulation ensuring that the server never hangs.

With a small and slim form factor, a CIM provides the added convenience of firmware upgradeability without interrupting the installed configuration.

This CIM is required for virtual media (BIOS access), absolute mouse synchronization, tiering, audio and smart card/CAC use.