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DB9 Serial Null Modem Adapters

DB9 Serial Null Modem Adapters

DB9 serial null modem adapters featuring a cost-saving way to convert a straight through serial cable into a null modem cable
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1) Serial Null Modem Adapter, F/F Model No. NM9FF In stock

2) Serial Null Modem Adapter, M/F Model No. NM9MF In stock

3) Serial Null Modem Adapter, M/M Model No. NM9MM In stock

DB9 RS232 Serial Null Modem Adapters.

These Null Modem Adapters feature two DB9 male connectors (NM9MM), or two DB9 female connectors (NM9FF), or one DB9 male and one DB9 female connectors (NM9MF).

These adapters convert straight through cables into a null modem cables.

The DB9M Serial Null Modem Adapters are backed by StarTech.com's lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support.