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Audio Extenders

Audio Extenders

Extend analog audio or digital (S/PDIF and TOSlink) audio over CAT-5 cable up to 1000 feet away
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1) Audio Extender Model No. EXT-AUD-1000 In stock

$85.49 Compare to MSRP $123.00 - You save $37.51

2) Digital Audio Extender Model No. EXT-DIGAUD-141 In stock


$142.48 Compare to MSRP $205.00 - You save $62.52

Place your audio components anywhere you want with Gefen's Audio Extenders.

The Audio Extender uses standard CAT-5 UTP cable to extend audio up to 1000 feet away from its source.

The Digital Audio Extender supports either S/PDIF or TOSlink digital audio signals, which are commonly used to transmit stereo and multi-channel (7.1, DTS, Dolby Digital, etc.) digital audio among various components.

The Digital Audio Extender uses a sender and receiver system connected by CAT-5e cable to extend the digital audio up to 330 feet away from its source.