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USB-C to DisplayPort/HDMI KVM Switches

USB-C to DisplayPort/HDMI KVM Switches

USB-C KVM switches that share a DisplayPort or HDMI display, keyboard/mouse and USB peripherals between two USB-C devices (laptop/smartphone/tablet) with power pass-through
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Duo Flex

1) Duo Flex Model No. US3311 In stock


$153.75 MSRP: $205.00 - You save $51.25

2) US3310 Model No. US3310 In stock


$113.25 MSRP: $151.00 - You save $37.75

2-port USB-C KVM switch 

with power pass-through, sharing a DisplayPort (8K) or HDMI (4K) monitor 



No more dealing with plugging and unplugging. Dock your USB-C smartphone, iPad Pro and laptop, or two USB-C laptops, to US3310 and share a display and peripherals.* Use only one set of display, keyboard, and mouse to seamlessly control two systems and save desk space. Put the remote port selector in the most convenient place or even hide it under your desk for quick switching.

2-3 Second Speedy Switching to Stay Efficient
There's no time to waste on switching lag. Thanks to exclusive ATEN technology that eliminates lag and resolution issues, switching between two systems is quick, making your workflow more efficient. Your HDMI connection will stay active without disrupting the layout when switching. The USB connection works as a USB hub, which means you can keep all the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, such as media keys or extra mouse buttons.

Superior Video Quality and Ultra-fast USB 3.2 Data Transfer Speed
Support maximum resolution up to 8K, or 4K @ 144Hz ultra-wide gaming monitors. USB 3.2 provides data transfer speed up to 5Gb/s allowing you to share external storage devices for swapping data between two systems quickly and easily.


Extend the Desktop Environment to your Phone
Nowadays a smartphone can act like a PC. Use your smartphone to work, watch, and play on the go. Once back to the office or home you can connect it with US3310 to build a workstation in Samsung DeX mode for multitasking, and switch to a laptop once you have heavy tasks to do.

Charge your Phone, iPad, Laptop, and Power-Hungry Devices
The 85W or 100W USB-C power delivery 3.0 pass-through charges your phone, and laptop simultaneously and also provides enough power for power-hungry devices such as external hard drives or gaming devices. You can use your favorite keyboard and mouse to work and play, even with a power-hungry RGB gaming rig.

* Compatible with smartphones launched in 2018 or later that feature video output (DP Alt Mode) over USB-C.