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USB DVI-D Cable KVM Switches

USB DVI-D Cable KVM Switches

2-port USB DVI-D KVM switches w/ bonded cables, remote push-button & mouse scroll wheel switching, optional peripheral sharing and audio support
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1) CS22D Model No. CS22D In stock

$74.99 Compare to MSRP $100.00 - You save $25.01

2) CS682 Model No. CS682 In stock

$73.49 Compare to MSRP $98.00 - You save $24.51

2-port USB/DVI-D KVM switches with bonded cables and remote push-button switching

supporting video resolution up to 1920x1200, optional peripheral sharing, and audio

ATEN's USB DVI-D cable KVM switches are control units that allow access to two computers from a single USB and DVI console (keyboard, video and mouse).

ATEN's USB DVI-D cable KVM switches represent the ultimate in cable KVMs, with innovative features such as Video DynaSync to ensure your monitor's optimum video setting when booting or switching computers.

User can access the computers conveniently via a remote port selector.

ATEN's USB DVI-D cable KVM switches' compact all-in-one design makes them ideal for multiplatform desktop applications.

The switches are DVI-D KVMs so they must be connected to a digital source and monitor. Their maximum resolution is 1920x1200 @ 60Hz and are HDCP and EDID compliant.

The units have a three-year warranty and their firmware is upgradeable to protect your investment against obsolescence.

CS22D: DVI-D; USB keyboard/mouse

CS682: DVI-D; USB keyboard/mouse; audio; optional USB 2.0 peripheral sharing