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8-outlet, 1U metered and switched eco PDU

• Supports TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, DHCP, SMTP, ARP, NTP, DNS, Auto Sense, Ping, SNMP V1, V2, and V3, Telnet
• Supports RS-232 port and power outlet control (on/off) by outlet group
• 1% metering accuracy – supports bank-level power metering
• Remote and local power outlet control (on/off, power cycle) by individual outlets and outlet groups
• Local display
• Horizontal, 19" rack-mount form factor, 1U
• Volts: 100 – 120 V
• Amps: 20A
• kW-input: 2.4kW
• Cord length: 10 feet
• Circuit breaker: No
• On/off switch: Yes
• Environment sensor ports: 2

Plug   Receptacles
 NEMA L5-20P   NEMA 5-20R
NEMA L5-20P   8x rear NEMA 5-20R


ATEN PE6208AVA is an intelligent PDU that contain 8 AC outlets in an NEMA 5-20R socket configuration with a detachable front panel for convenient rack mounting. The unique design with detachable front panel makes it convenient when mounting with different Pro AV equipment in 19" racks at varying depths.

It provides secure, centralized, intelligent, power management (power on, off, cycle) for data center IT equipment (servers, storage systems, KVM switches, network devices, serial data devices, etc.), as well as the ability to monitor the center's health environment via optional sensors.

The power status of each outlet can be set individually, allowing users to switch each device On/Off. The eco PDU also offers comprehensive power analysis reports when used with the eco DC (eco PDU manager web GUI) which can separate departments and locations, providing precise measurements of current, voltage, power and watt-hour in a real-time display.

In addition to remotely controlling individual outlets over the LAN, the front panel pushbuttons offer an extra option to control the outlets locally, allowing the flexibility to easily shutdown Pro AV equipment on the spot or from a remote location – for reduced power consumption.

The outlets feature a sequential power-on function that ensures Pro AV systems are powered on safely. Furthermore, compatibility with the ATEN Control System and Control4 libraries allows PE6208AVA to integrate with any Pro AV equipment for full control of all devices without complex programming.

Installation and operation is fast and easy: plugging cables into their appropriate ports and user-friendly browser-based configuration and management is all that is entailed. Since the eco PDU firmware is upgradeable over the Net, you can stay current with the latest functionality improvements simply by downloading updates from our website as they become vailable.

PE6208AVA supports any 3rd party v3 SNMP manager software and eco DC (eco PDU manager web GUI). eco DC provides you with an easy method for managing multiple devices,  offering an intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface that allows you to configure a PDU device and monitor power status of the equipment connected to it.

PE6208AVA  has threshold alerts that can sound an alarm and send SNMP trap or e-mail alerts when a threshold is exceeded. This feature provides a faster response time to recover servers and other devices when the outlets surpass thresholds set by you.

PE6208AVA is an optimal energy solution for data centers as well. With the combination of ATEN eco PDUs and eco DC Energy and DCIM management Web GUI, a data center will be equipped with real-time monitoring, measurement, and analysis of energy consumption – with reports of power usage and PUE to meet the ISO 50001 requirements. These indices reflect the data center's energy usage and offer energy saving suggestions for optimizing energy use and reducing costs.

With its advanced security features and ease of operation, the eco PDU is the most convenient, most reliable, and most cost effective way to remotely manage power access for multiple computer installations and allocate power resources in the most efficient way possible.

• Detachable front panel fits 19" racks with different depths
• Built-in 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface
• 2-level account/password security, IP/MAC filter, 128 bit SSL, RADIUS
• Browser access via IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more
• Easy integration with ATEN Control System and Control4 libraries

• 1% Metering Accuracy – supports bank-level power metering
• Environment Monitoring – supports external temperature or temperature and humidity sensors for rack temperature and humidity monitoring

Outlet Switch Control
• Multiple power control methods – Wake on LAN, System After AC Back, Kill the Power
• Power-on sequencing – users can set the power-on sequence and delay time for each outlet to allow equipment to be powered on in the correct order to enhance equipment safety
• Proactive overload protection (POP) – automatically powers off the last outlet that caused the current overload to protect high-end pro-A/V equipment and servers
• Auto ping – the method pings a device at specified intervals, and if there is no response (request timed out), the PDU automatically powers cycles the outlet (off and then on)
• Holiday mode – when Holiday Mode is enabled, each outlet will be set to the selection chosen for it: power off or power on

eco DC Energy and DCIM Management Web GUI*
• Automatic discovery of all ATEN PDUs within the same intranet
• Remote real-time power measurement and monitoring of PDUs
• Real-time environment monitoring via sensors
• Plotting and monitoring of all ATEN PDU devices
• Exceed threshold alerts through real-time monitoring, SMTP, and system logs
• Power analysis reports

Sensors are optional accessories. You can use the eco PDU unit without sensors. However, if you want to have complete energy management of an instrumented data center with the use of the eco PDU, you would need to use eco DC, a management web GUI, and install 4 sensors for each of the racks to generate a complete energy-efficient data and chart. Higher sensor installation density is helpful to generate more accurate data.

A sensor-enabled installation is required to generate a more complete energy-efficient data and chart. Higher sensor installation density is helpful to generate more accurate data.

PE6216A has 2 sensor ports. In this case, sensor #1 needs to be installed at the intake of the rack and sensor #2 needs to be placed at the exhaust of IT equipment of the rack. 

Sensors can be managed via the eco PDU's built-in graphical user interface (GUI) or with eco DC that can be downloaded from the ATEN website. The download link can be found on the software CD provided with the eco PDU package.

Package Contents
1x PE6208AVA eco PDU
1x Power cord
1x Mounting kit
1x RJ-45 cable
1x Cable tie
1x Footpad set
1x User instructions

* eco DC is designed to work with ATEN eco PDUs and is bundled with all PE-series models


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