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8-outlet, 1U metered and switched eco PDU 

• Remote power outlet control (on, off, power cycle) by individual outlets
• Real-time current, voltage, and kWH displayed in a browsed-based UI for monitoring at the PDU level
• Proactive overload protection (POP) – automatically powers off outlets when current overloads to protect operating devices Management
• Network Interfaces: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SMTP, DHCP, NTP, DNS, 10Base-T/100Base-TX, auto sense, Ping, Telnet
• Local display
• Horizontal, 19" rack-mount form factor, 1U
• Volts: 100 – 120 V
• Amps: 10A
• kW-input: 2.3kW
• Cord length: 10 feet
• Circuit breaker: Yes
• On/off switch: No
• Environment sensor ports: 2

Plug   Receptacles
 C14   IEC C13
IEC 60320 C14   8x rear IEC C13


ATEN PE6108G is an intelligent PDU that contain 8 AC outlets in an IEC320 C13 socket configuration for convenient and efficient data power usage management.

PE6108G provides secure, centralized, intelligent, power management (power on, off, cycle) for data center IT equipment (servers, storage systems, KVM switches, network devices, serial data devices, etc.), as well as the ability to monitor the center's health environment via optional sensors.

PE6108G eco PDU offers remote power control combined with real-time power measurement, allowing users to control and monitor the power status of all devices powered by the PDU, either at the PDU device or outlet level, from practically any location via a TCP/IP connection.

The power status of each outlet can be set individually, allowing users to switch each device on/off. The eco PDU also offers comprehensive power analysis reports that can be separated by departments and/or locations, providing precise measurements of the current, voltage, power, and watt-hour in real time.

Installation and operation is fast and easy: as simple as plugging cables into their appropriate ports and configuring on a user-friendly web browser for intuitive management. Since the eco PDU firmware is upgradeable over a network, users can keep the PDUs updated with the latest functionality improvements by downloading updates from their product pages, as they
become available.

PE6108G eco PDU supports any 3rd-party SNMP v3 manager software and eco DC (eco PDU manager web GUI). eco DC provides you with an easy method for managing multiple devices, offering an intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface that allows you to configure a PDU device and monitor power status of the equipment connected.

PE6108G has a circuit breaker alert that can sound an alarm and send SNMP trap or e-mail alerts when a trip occurs. This feature provides a faster response time to recover servers and other devices during power loss due to circuit overload.

With its advanced security features and ease of operation, the eco PDU is the most convenient, reliable, and cost-effective way to remotely manage power access for multiple computer installations and allocate power resources efficiently.

Remote Power Control
By simply clicking a button on the UI, administrators can power control the connected IT equipment with ease. There is no longer any need to move around the data center turning equipment on and off.

Power Management
Each outlet can be individually controlled so that users can set the power on/off sequence and delay time for each outlet separately. In addition, on/off scheduling allows administrators to configure start and shutdown.

Overcurrent Protection
Built-in overcurrent protection and recovery saves your money by eliminating costly onsite service calls. With eco PDU products, you have the ability to access your data center any time and deal with any situation that may occur – entirely immediately and effectively.

Real-time Monitoring
With PDU/outlet level metering, IT administrators can easily monitor the realtime current, voltage, kWH, power consumption, and circuit breaker status of all connected IT equipment from a remote console.

Rack Environment Monitoring
The eco PDU supports external, environment sensors that allow administrators to monitor temperature, humidity, and differential pressure of the rack environment from just about anywhere in the world.

Early Warning Notification
The eco PDU permits data center administrators to set custom thresholds. When levels exceed the user defined thresholds, designated recipients can receive alarm notifications via SMTP email, SNMP traps, or Syslog. An audio alarm can also sound and lights with blink at the local site.

Easy Operation – eco Sensors
With eco sensors energy management software support, the sensor-enabled eco PDU offers an intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface – allowing you to configure a PDU device and monitor power status of the equipment connected to it via an ease-to-use interface.

External Authentication Support
The eco PDU supports login authorization management from external sources – RADIUS.

Advanced Security
• Secure 128-bit SSL encryption
• Two-level password security
• Login Failures – The number of consecutive failed login attempts and the time a remote computer must wait before trying again can be set 
• Configurable user permissions for outlet level access and control

Event Log Support
The eco PDU supports event log function that records all the events that take place on – including user login/logout, timeout, outlet ON/OFF/Reboot by user, user add/delete/changed, eco PDU add/remove and FW upgrade.

Power Distribution
• Space saving 1U rack mount design with rear mounting
• 3 digit 7-segment front panel LED shows current / IP address
• Remote users can monitor outlet status via web pages on their browsers
• Safe shutdown support
• Separate power for the unit's own power and its power outlets. The user interface is still accessible even when an overload condition trips the devices' circuit breaker

Remote Access
• Remote power control via TCP/IP and a built in 10/100 Ethernet port
• Network Interfaces: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SMTP, DHCP, NTP, DNS, 10Base-T/100Base-TX, auto sense, Ping, Telnet
• eco PDU Power Management software – eco DC
• Supports SNMP manager V3

• Remote power outlet control (on, off, power cycle) by individual outlets
• Power-on sequencing – users can set the power on sequence and delay time for each port to allow equipment to be turned on in the proper order
• Easy setup and operation via a browser-based user interface
• Multibrowser support (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
• RTC support to keep the timer running during times of no power.
• Supports up to 8 user and 1 administrator accounts
• Proactive overload protection (POP) – automatically powers off outlets when current overloads to protect operating devices

• Power status measurement at the PDU level
• LED indicators for current and IP address at the PDU device level
• Real-time current, voltage, and kWH displayed in a browsed-based UI for monitoring at the PDU level
• Current and voltage threshold setting
• Naming support for outlets
• User outlet access assignment on an outlet-by-outlet basis.
• Event logging and syslog support
• Upgradeable firmware
• Multilanguage support: English, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian

• Two-level password security
• Strong security features include password protection and advanced encryption technologies – 128 bit SSL
• Remote authentication support: RADIUS

eco DC Energy and DCIM Management Web GUI*
• Automatic discovery of all PE devices within the same intranet
• Remote real-time power measurement and monitoring
• Remote real-time power outlet management
• Remote real-time environment sensor monitoring
• Plotting/Monitoring of all PE devices
• Exceed threshold alert through SMTP and Syslog
• Power Analysis Report

Sensors are optional accessories. You can use the eco PDU unit without sensors. However, if you want to have complete energy management of an instrumented data center with the use of the eco PDU, you would need to use eco DC, a management web GUI, and install 4 sensors for each of the racks to generate a complete energy-efficient data and chart. Higher sensor installation density is helpful to generate more accurate data.

A sensor-enabled installation is required to generate a more complete energy-efficient data and chart. Higher sensor installation density is helpful to generate more accurate data.

PE6108G has 2 sensor ports. In this case, sensor #1 needs to be installed at the intake of the rack and sensor #2 needs to be placed at the exhaust of IT equipment of the rack. 

Sensors can be managed via the eco PDU's built-in graphical user interface (GUI) or with eco DC that can be downloaded from the ATEN website. The download link can be found on the software CD provided with the eco PDU package.

Package Contents
1x PE6108G power distribution unit
1x Power cord
1x Rack-mount kit
1x User instructions

* eco DC is designed to work with ATEN eco PDUs and is bundled with all PE-series models


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