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DDC/EDID emulator for VGA signals 

Adder DDC Ghost has been developed to allow you to extend the life of your existing systems by adding full EDID data to your VGA signals. It is the most cost effective way to extend the life of your existing infrastructure.

EDID data is a very important part of video extension and distribution. It allows the display drivers of the devices you attach (graphics cards for example) to match perfectly with the screen.

The DDC (Display Data Channel) carries information about the physical characteristics of the screen, such as resolution or colour depth, back to the display adapter (graphics card) to ensure the resulting picture is correct, every time. This data is what enables plug and play connection with monitors.

In cases where the DDC EDID is not passed (such as a video extender that doesn't support DDC), DDC Ghost sits inline and provides the data directly to the graphics card. Essentially, the monitor is no longer asked for DDC EDID - DDC Ghost provides it instead.

True DDC Emulation
Unless an extender actively supports DDC, some high performance video cards cannot be used at high resolutions. The DDC Ghost supports dual page DDC ensuring compatible resolutions are supported.

Interface Powered
The DDC Ghost takes its power directly from VGA pin 9. This reduces clutter, and makes installation as simple as possible. In situations where no pin 9 power is available, DDC Ghost can be powered directly via the optional 5V power supply.

Full EDID Cloning
The DDC Ghost will clone a full dual page EDID (Extended Display Identification Data). This makes the DDC Ghost compatible with the latest ranges of display devices. The first page is the standard EDID data, and the second covers the extended data block.

Standard EDID Data
Our expertise with DDC EDID data has allowed us to put together an extended profile which is designed to cover most display devices. As such, the DDC Ghost may be used in connections where no data is otherwise available. You can choose whether to use this data or the original screen EDID attached.

Push and Go Setup
The DDC Ghost interface is secure and simple. Setting up the device is a single button process directed by the in built LED indicator. This makes changing display devices a fast and simple process.