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CCS-LED, 5 meters

Model No. CCS-LED-5M In stock

CCS-LED, 5 meters
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CCS-LED-5M: Individual LED (with cable) for use with CCS-XB light module kit 

Each LED is housed in a sturdy molded enclosure and provided with an adhesive pad allowing the module to be fixed onto a screen bezel or other surface as required.

Each LED module is pre-wired with a 16.4-foot cable allowing the user to route the module discreatly to the screen. The flexible cable used is of oval profile making it easier to tuck into channeling, wall gaps or any similar room features.

The LED's color and intensity can be controlled for each screen. A maximum of 10 illumination indicators can be supported.

CCS-XB Illumination Module is an accessory which connects to the Command & Control Switch. It gives the user the option to have an LED indicator positioned on each screen to indentify which screen (or rather - which computer, represented by its video on the screen) is currently being controlled.

CCS-XB is an add-on module for use with Command & Control Switch and FreeFlow. This module controls a set of LED lights which mount onto your screens. The LED's are fully configurable allowing the user to assign a specified color and intensity via the setup application.

Each CCS-XB Illumination Module ships with 4 LED modules. Additional modules can be ordered (to a maximum of 10 per unit).