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AdderLink INFINITY 1002, Transmitter

Model No. ALIF1002T-US In stock

AdderLink INFINITY 1002, Transmitter
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ALIF1002T: Pure digital, unlimited distance KVM extension 

DVI video, USB 2.0 and audio over CATx, fiber or gigabit network  

Note: Receiver units are purchased separately

• Plug and play
• 330 foot extension distance on single CATx
• Unlimited extension distance using standard IP network
• 1640 feet to 6.2 miles extension distance over fiber
• Single link, single head configuration
• 1920x1200 @ 60Hz resolution
• Support for MacPro
• Redundant network operation

AdderLink INFINITY 1002 is a high performance KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) extender that forms part of the ALIF matrix solution. This enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment away from the user work station, while maintaining a pixel perfect desktop experience. Learn more...

AdderLink INFINITY 1002Configurations
AdderLink INFINITY can be configured to deliver the ultimate in system flexibility. In the diagram opposite (see: Thumbnails), you can see the use of two remote computers resulting in several very distinct usage scenarios:
Multicasting: The video output from any transmitter can be multicast to many receivers. The video data only exists once on the network, and each connected user (receiver) can view the output simultaneously.
Full Control: This user has full control of computer 1. They are viewing the video output, listening to the audio, using a local USB peripheral and they have full keyboard and mouse control.
Mixed Receiver: Here a user is viewing the output video from computer 2 with full keyboard, mouse and local USB device control at the user's desk. At the same time, this user is listening to audio from Computer 1.
A/V Only: This user position is configured to display video and play audio only. A/V selection may be from different sources.
Share Mode: In share mode, two or more users have simultaneous access to a shared computer enabling collaboration or advanced control applications.
Any to Any: In Any to Any mode, connections are fully independent enabling one user to access the first computer while another user accesses another computer etc. This mode supports large scalable matrix switching scenarios.

One-to-one configuration (extension)
The simplest configuration links one Rx unit to a single Tx unit, either by a direct link (up to 330 feet) or over much greater distances via a Gigabit Ethernet network.

One-to-many configuration (also known as True Share or Reverse KVM)
Using multicast techniques, an unlimited number of receivers can receive video and audio data streams from a single Tx unit. A maximum of twelve concurrent USB inputs (via multiple Rx units) are permitted to a single Tx unit.

Many-to-one and many-to-many configuration (requires AdderLink INFINITY Manager A.I.M.)
Each Rx unit can switch between different Tx units. Multiple instances of many-to-one and one-to-many configurations produce a highly flexible many-to-many installation.

Adderlink InfinityALIF and A.I.M.
Where multiple ALIF units are used on a network, Adder has developed the AdderLink Infinity Management (A.I.M.) server to allow comprehensive and secure central control of all transmitters, receivers and users.

Features and Benefits

Perfect digital video, real time control
Using a spatially-lossless encoding system, with 1:1 pixel mapping, AdderLink INFINITY provides pixel perfect and color accurate video with no artefacts. The digital video you receive is the same as the digital video leaving the remote computer.

Single CATx cable or fiber with immunity from interference
From the outset Adder designed AdderLink INFINITY units around a highly robust signaling method. This vital core asset is what gives you the freedom to use the full variety of cable links that you typically find within an average structured cabling system. The result is that you can achieve reliable links, regardless of whether the cables are CAT-5e, CAT-6 or CAT-7. AdderLink INFINITY also offers the option of up to 6.2 miles distances with fiber.

Unlimited extension distances
Extension distance is not limited to a single 330 foot cable length. If you need to extend further, simply add a 1GbE network device to achieve an additional 330 feet. This can be repeated many times. The units are also fitted with SFP cages to accept fiber optic transceivers which enable much greater extension distances.

Support for MacPro (dithered video)
Some graphics cards use a technique called dithering to give the appearance of a deeper color depth than is actually the case. As a result, dithering can significantly increase the normal video data rates. ALIF1002T has a feature called Magic Eye which supports dithering without allowing it to degrade overall link performance.

USB 2.0 with class control
Enables connection of USB devices from mice and keyboards through to graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks and 3D explorers, alongside mass storage devices. For applications where security is of high importance, the system has the ability to disable the use of non-HID devices, meaning there is no need to physically block USB ports to prevent the use of mass storage devices.

EDID management
Intelligent EDID management allows the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer. This ensures perfect video display without the additional configuration.

Plug and Play
AdderLink INFINITY extender devices are delivered in a zero config state so you can plug them in and start working on them straight away. There is no need for drivers or software to be installed.

Redundant network operation
The units are able to detect whether the network is in operation and can automatically change to its second network port if it detects a failure.

AdderLink INFINITY matrix
With the addition of AdderLink INFINITY management system (A.I.M.) you can turn multiple point-to-point extenders into a truly scalable digital KVM matrix system that allows any workstation to link with any computer connected to the network.

In the Box
1x AdderLink INFINITY ALIF1002T transmitter (Tx) unit
1x Power adapter (20W) and power cord
1x DVI-D and USB KVM cable
1x Audio cable with 3.5mm stereo jacks
4x Self-adhesive rubber feet
1x Quick start guide


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