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Video+RS232 Splitters

Extend and distribute HDMI, RS-232, and 2-way infrared (IR) over a local area network (LAN), for a virtual crosspoint matrix at 1080p Full HD

HDMI over IP

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Point-to-multipoint CAT-5 distribution & extension system that broadcasts component video, audio, RS232 & infrared to 4 stations, 1,000 feet

Component AV Splitters/Extenders

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VGA video + audio splitters-extenders with models broadcasting video + audio; video + audio + RS232 + IR up to 16 locations over CAT-5

VGA Audio/Video Splitters-Extenders

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CAT-5e/6 audio/video distribution system from one A/V source to hundreds of displays with audio and RS232 support up to 1500 feet away

Audio/Video CAT-5 Distribution

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