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13W3M to HD15F Special Pinning Adapter

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13W3M to HD15F Special Pinning Adapter
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13W3 Male to VGA 15 Female.

Your PC monitor must be capable of supporting Sun's scan rates and composite sync in order for this adapter to work.

Sun's scan rates are 61.8 kHZ horizontal and 66 HZ vertical which eliminates flicker. Composite sync is horizontal and vertical sync combined.

NOTE: If your PC monitor cannot scan at Sun's rates and support composite sync, the adapter alone will not work. However you can call Integrix @ 805-375-1055 and they should be able to provide you with a video card that will allow your PC device to adapt to a Sun workstation.

Can also be used (in certain instances) to connect an SGI workstation and a PC monitor. In this case the PC monitor must be able to support sync on green.

Can also be used to connect and SGI monitor (with a removable cable) to a PC workstation.

Two PC monitors that definitely work with this adapter are NEC6FGP and NEC5FGP.

• Warranty: Lifetime