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Geist SwitchAir SA2-003

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Geist SwitchAir SA2-003
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14893: 2U active airflow management device 

for 1U or 2U switches with air intake on one side 

Network switches, load balancers and routers typically sit at the top and back portion of the rack, away from the cold aisle airflow at the front of the cabinet. This configuration can be convenient for cabling purposes, but makes it difficult for cold air to flow from the front of the rack to the air intakes of the network switch equipment, allowing hot exhaust air from servers to enter the switch intake. This may lead to a decreased life expectancy of switches and increases the chances of failure over time if the problem is not handled properly.

SwitchAir helps prevent such failure by channeling cool air from the front of the rack to the switch's air intakes.

SwitchAir SA2-003 channels provide a dedicated path for cold aisle air to flow to the intake of the switch, using the on-board fans to push cool air from the cold aisle to the intake of the switch.

SwitchAir SA2-003 also creates a barrier preventing recirculation of hot exhaust air from the hot aisle from entering switch intakes.

Features and Benefits
• Reduces the chance of network switches overheating by directing cool air to device intakes
• Reduces the likelihood of premature equipment failure due to high intake temperatures
• Improves equipment efficiency by providing network equipment with the same cold aisle air temperature as other devices in the rack
• Decreases wraparound hot airflow from the hot aisle to the cold aisle due to missing blanking panels
• Provides a path for cool air to flow to the intake of network switch equipment and other devices with one side air intake
• Creates a barrier to effectively prevent hot exhaust air from recirculating to device intakes
• Easily install SwitchAir into the front of any standard rack/cabinet
• TAA compliant
• Standard three-year warranty, upgraded to five years with product registration