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USB A/Mini-B 4-pin Cable, 6-feet

Model No. 27331 In stock

USB A/Mini-B 4-pin Cable, 6-feet
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27331: Ideal for selected digital cameras, MP3 players and other portable devices 

These fully-rated mini-USB cables attach easily to any 4-pin mini-USB device. Mini USB cables are designed to connect your 4-pin mini-USB device to the USB port on your PC or Mac. The 4-pin Mini USB Cable works with MP3 players, digital cameras including Sony, Olympus, Kodak, Epson, Minolta and HP, and other portable devices. Foil and braid shielding reduces EMI/RFI interference, and the twisted-pair construction reduces crosstalk, thus ensuring high-speed, error-free data transfer. The Mini-USB Cable is compatible with all USB specifications.

  • Connector: USB Type A Male to Type Mini B 4-pin Male
  • Make plug and play connections with MP3 players, digital cameras and other portable devices
  • Connects 4-pin mini-USB device to a USB port on your PC or Mac
  • PC and Mac compatible
    This cable is compatible with the following digital camera models:
  • EpsonPhotoPC 3000Z and 3100Z
  • HP315, 315xi
  • KodakC300, EasyShare Camera Dock, Camera Dock II, Camera Dock 6000, CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200, CX6230, CX6330, CX6445, CX7220, CX7300, CX7310, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530, DC4800, DX3215, DX3500, DX3600, DX3700, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630, LS420, LS443, LS633, LS743, LS753, Printer Dock 4000, Printer Dock 6000, Printer Dock Plus, Printer Dock, Z7590
  • MinoltaDiMAGE 5, DiMAGE 7, DiMAGE 7A, DiMAGE 7i
  • OlympusE-10, E-20, C-2100UZ, C-3040Z, C-3030Z, C-700 UZ
  • Sony DSC-S70, DSC-S30

• Color: Black
• Warranty: Lifetime