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Image 1 of 3 - Front-panel buttons provide for quick and easy channel selection, in addition to the On Screen Display (OSD) menu system. view
Image 2 of 3 - SwitchView 1000 uses special single-connector Combo-Cables, which are available at 6, 9, and 15 feet. view

Image 3 of 3 - SwitchView 1000, 8-Ports with Cables ships with Four (4) 3-in-One Combo Cables, 6-feet, and Four (4) 3-in-One Combo Cables, 9-feet. view

SwitchView 1000, 8-Ports with Cables

Model No. 8SV1000BND1-001 In stock

SwitchView 1000, 8-Ports with Cables
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SwitchView 1000 Rack-mount 8-ports KVM switch provides PS/2 and/or USB connectivity for SMB server rooms.

The cost-efficient SwitchView 1000 KVM switch provides PS/2 and/or USB connectivity for users and target devices. This single user switch has an on-screen display (OSD) and supports a 2048 x 1536 high video resolution that is ideal for graphical applications.

With a 1U high design, the compact SwitchView 1000 KVM switch does not compete for valuable rack space in SMB server rooms.

SwitchView 1000 KVM switch can be daisy chained to connect additional units together without complicated configuration. Plus, it is flash upgradeable for fast and easy updates.

SwitchView 1000's password protection feature gives you the benefit of added security access to your business-critical servers.

Included cables
• Four (4) 3-in-One Combo Cables, 6-feet
• Four (4) 3-in-One Combo Cables, 9-feet

Features and Benefits
On-screen display (OSD) – Simple control through an on screen menu
Password protection – Secure access is based on password protection
Programmable autoscan – Customize scanning times between attached systems
Flash upgradeable – Convenient upgrades mean that the product never goes out of date
USB hot key switching – Switch via USB keyboard sequence
Daisy chain – auto initialization – Connect multiple units together without complicated configuration
USB & PS/2 system/target support – Supports both PS2 and USB systems
USB & PS/2 peripheral/user support – Supports PS/2 or USB peripherals to control a mix of PS/2 or USB systems
1U height – Fits perfectly into a standard rack. Does not use a large amount of valuable rack space
Combo cables – Uses a three-in-one KVM cable that supports USB or PS/2 target devices
Video resolution – 2048 x 1536 video resolution supports the most demanding server room applications


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