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StarView DVI-USB KVMA/KVMP Switch, 4 Ports

Model No. SV431UADVI In stock

StarView DVI-USB KVMA/KVMP Switch, 4 Ports
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4-Port DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio and USB 2.0 Hub.

This 4-Port DVI+USB KVM Switch (with Audio and USB 2.0 Hub) allows you to control 4 USB-enabled multimedia computers with DVI video interfaces, using only one USB keyboard, mouse, monitor and a set of speakers and microphone.

A cost-effective and versatile KVM solution, the DVI+USB KVM switch features an integrated, 2-port USB 2.0 hub that lets selected computers access shared high speed USB devices, eliminating the cost of duplicate USB peripheral purchases.

The DVI KVM switch supports audio and microphone switching functions and allows you to select connected computers, USB device hub ports and audio/mic channels either simultaneously or independently, using either front-panel push-buttons or keyboard hotkeys.

Ensuring high quality video capability, the DVI KVM switch supports display resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200, and offers genuine digital signal transmission over the cable, reducing the distortion that's common from conventional analog/digital conversion.

Designed for durability and dependability,'s 4-Port DVI+USB KVM Switch with Audio and USB 2.0 Hub is backed by's 1-year Warranty and free lifetime technical support.

The Advantage
• Eliminates the need to buy expensive flat panel display monitors for all computers
• Built-in 2-port USB 2.0 device hub for sharing high-speed USB devices
• USB 2.0 Specification compliant

• Sharing computers and USB devices in the home/SOHO/multimedia environment
• Ideal for using desktops, workstations and servers with Flat Panel LCD monitor
• Switches instantly between PCs
• Switching USB peripherials between PC's

Features and Benefits
• 4-port DVI USB KVM switch with audio and microphone switching and 2 x USB 2.0 hub ports
• Channel selection/Hub port control by front-panel push buttons and keyboard hotkeys
• DVI interface technology supports digital video signal transmission
• HDCP Compliant
• Independent/simultaneous USB hub port, audio & mic channels and PC port selection
• USB 2.0 Specification compliant
• USB keyboard and mouse support
• 1 Year warranty

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