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Multimode fiber KVM extender of USB keyboard and mouse, stereo audio, VGA video and RS-232 signals 

up to 1,400 feet over a single multimode fiber optic cable 

Why Fiber Optic?
Smart-AVI has created a full line of fiber optic extender products, understanding that this technology is superior to traditional cabling. Fiber optic cables are:
• Capable of transmitting over very long distances with no signal loss.
• Immune to electromagnetic interference. In situations where there is considerable interference, fiber optic cabling is the only solution.
• Much more secure because they cannot be easily tapped. For this reason, military and law enforcement agencies use fiber optic cables for the transmission of sensitive data.
• Relatively inexpensive and small enough to be routed through small spaces.

FVX-3000 consists of a transmitter and receiver that extend KVM, VGA, audio and RS-232 signals. It is a professional quality KVM capable of extending signals up to 1,400 feet over a single multimode fiber optic cable.

Features and Benefits
• Top Signal Quality at Maximum Extension Over Multimode Fiber (1,400 ft.)
• Superior Image Quality at all Resolutions
• Video Resolutions up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz; 1280x1024 at 75Hz
• Customizable/Programmable DDC Table
• Supports USB Keyboard/Mouse
• Supports Stereo Audio
• Supports VGA
• Supports RS-232 Control from 300bps to 115,000bps
• Supports all USB Keyboards Fully Transparent
• Fiber Plug Type LC
• Compatible With all Operating Systems
• Compatible With all Major KVM Switches
• Compact Metal Casing
• Output can be VGA or DVI

Package Content
1x UTX-500 Transmitter (UTX-TX500)
1x UTX-500 Receiver (UTX-RX500)
1x 6' USB MM AB cable
1x 6' XVGA MM Cable
2x Power Supply (PS5VDC2A)
1x User Manual