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2- and 8-port smart remote PDUs for remote rebooting via the internet, RS232, Telnet, e-mail and SNMP and controlling & monitoring power usage
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1) SRP-02R Model No. SRP-02RUS In stock


$299.00 Compare to MSRP $399.00 - You save $100.00

2) SRP-08R Model No. SRP-08RUS In stock


$449.00 Compare to MSRP $599.00 - You save $150.00

2- and 8-port smart remote power control units

securely monitor and control your power outlets from anywhere in the world!

SRP-series power distribution unit (PDU) allows you to:
• Reboot your computer or other devices remotely via the internet
• Control power usage by creating schedules to save energy and money
• Monitor power usage to determine how much electricity has been used

SRP has a comprehensive and easy-to-use web interface for monitoring and controlling the functions of the unit. Simply log on to the device through a web browser and setup the many functions of the SRP. Turn outlets on and off, reboot outlets, monitor power usage and more.

SRP has a detailed network setup menu that gives you total control over the access to the device. Access is available through a number of methods, including TCP/IP, Telnet, POP3, SMTP and more.