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Route up to 32 HDMI video sources to 32 HDMI displays in real time with integrated video wall, built-in digital signage, RS-232 and IP control
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1) MXWall 12x12 Model No. MXWALL-1212S Usually ships within two weeks


$9,899.00 Compare to MSRP $13,199.00 - You save $3,300.00

2) MXWall 16x16 Model No. MXWALL-1616S Usually ships within two weeks


$14,099.00 Compare to MSRP $18,799.00 - You save $4,700.00

3) MXWall 20x20 Model No. MXWall-2020S Usually ships within two weeks


$16,649.00 Compare to MSRP $22,200.00 - You save $5,551.00

4) MXWall 24x24 Model No. MXWALL-2424S Usually ships within two weeks


$19,199.00 Compare to MSRP $25,599.00 - You save $6,400.00

5) MXWall 28x28 Model No. MXWall-2828S Usually ships within two weeks


$21,749.00 Compare to MSRP $29,000.00 - You save $7,251.00

6) MXWall 32x32 Model No. MXWALL-3232S Usually ships within two weeks


$24,299.00 Compare to MSRP $32,399.00 - You save $8,100.00

7) MXWall 4x4 Model No. MXWALL-0404S Usually ships within two weeks


$6,449.00 Compare to MSRP $8,599.00 - You save $2,150.00

8) MXWall 8x8 Model No. MXWALL-0808S Usually ships within two weeks


$8,999.00 Compare to MSRP $11,999.00 - You save $3,000.00

HDMI matrix, video wall, digital signage - all in one device 

for managing and routing up to 32 HDMI video sources to 32 HDMI displays in real time with fully integrated video wall and digital signage control 

MXWallFor the ultimate in control over a high definition video matrix, MXWall delivers complete flexibility to route and distribute 32 HD inputs and 32 HD outputs with video wall functionality. No other video matrix on the market today provides the unique combination of full matrix switching with included video wall operation, which offers the ideal video routing solution for the most demanding of environments and applications.

MXWall gives users the ability to control 32 high definition screens, each with its own input. Then, in real time, users can switch to create a multi-screen display of any of the 32 inputs in any section of the 32 screens, providing the unique functionality of a video wall in the middle of multi-screen matrix display with full scaling capabilities.

Users can route multiple 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 configurations of various sources, or stretch a single image across all 32 screen at the click of a button. There has never been a video routing solution that provides this much user-friendly customization.

This technology provides nearly limitless possibilities for applications like law enforcement, defense, security and more. With 32 HDMI inputs and 32 HDMI outputs, each screen can deliver full 1080p HD. No matter the input resolution, MXWall always scales the content to 1080p output.

MXWall supports full control and switching access via RS-232 and Ethernet connections. That means users can connect remotely, whether that's from the opposite side of the room or halfway around the world, to securely control all of the matrix's functions.

MXWall offers a secure, hardware-only solution that requires no additional drivers or software. That insulates the device from hacking, viruses and even the need to reboot.

MXWall provides the top level of reliability, even in intense periods of usage in the most critical applications possible.

Powerful Web Interface
Maximizing the effectiveness of MXWall is easy with the powerful web interface it offers. With user-friendly drag-and-drop capabilities, it takes just a few clicks of the mouse to organize and change the layout of the video feeds being controlled by the device. There's no need for additional plug-ins, drivers or software. MXWall has everything users need in the box to manage their content.

Digital Signage Built In
While other video walls and matrix routers require users to input their content exactly as it will be displayed, MXWall delivers an extra layer of customizable content management. That's because the device comes with a built-in digital signage controller, giving users an extra edge in managing content. Using Smart-AVI's SignagePro technology, users can access the digital signage interface to load and update content on the fly. Smart-AVI's digital signage interface is employed across the globe on a daily basis, so users know they can maintain complete control with this technology built into MXWall.

Internet Access Included
MXWall is a device specifically designed for high-level usage by delivering a wide array of features that can't be found in one device, including built-in Internet access. This gives users the ability to display live web pages, including streaming video, on any of the 32 screens that are connected to the device. Users can attach a KM (keyboard and mouse) controller to operate the Internet from MXWall. Combine this functionality with RS-232 and Ethernet control options, and it's clear that there's no more powerful or more easilyintegrated solution on the market today.

Customizable Content Integration
MXWall enables users to create the most professional video wall solution currently available. The final touch to customizing MXWall is on the start-up screen. The device allows users to upload their own logo so the device can be branded for any venue, giving the video wall an even more professional and customized appearance.

MXWallReal World Applications
• Command Center: Users need to show dozens of video sources on multi-screen displays, while keeping the option of displaying one or a few of those sources over multiple displays instantly. MXWall offers this unique flexibility, allowing users to reconfigure the screen set up at a moment's notice.

• Security Control Room: Users provide security surveillence by monitoring lots of video feeds at once. The highquality resolution and full HD scaling on MXWall is absolutely critical when users need to review all of the details that have been captured on video.

• Public Safety and Utilities: Public safety departments and infrastructure systems in cities rely on up-to-date information that's accessible 24/7. When something goes wrong on the grid, officials need to be fully informed about what's going on, and MXWall is the ideal tool to stay on top of any situation.

Flexible Control
MXWall can be controlled from the easily accessible LCD front panel and keypad that allows users to determine which inputs are connected to which outputs.
• RS-232: Controlling MXWall is effortless with Smart-AVI's Windows®-based Smart-Control software. Users can assign a unique name to each port on the matrix along with a display for specific project requirements. SmartControl allows customization of all the device's functions.
• Ethernet: If users need to make changes instantly but can't be there in person, the Net-IP-Pro control module is the solution. Smart-AVI's optional Net-IP-Pro module is effective for real-time remote location management. Simply connect the Net-IP-Pro module to MXWall while connected to the Internet and the matrix can be controlled from anywhere in the world.