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SM-EYE - External Infrared Receiver

Model No. SM-EYE In stock

SM-EYE - External Infrared Receiver
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External infrared receiver with an IR range of 10' to 30' 

This device is used with any SmartAVI extenders that extend IR signals, such as the XT Pro.

The SM-EYE connects via a 1/8" plug to the Receiver unit of the extender set (i.e. XTP-RXS) next to the monitor/display, to receive the IR commands from a handheld remote controller pointed to it.

The Receiver then sends these commands back to the Transmitter, which in turn sends the IR commands to the media player (i.e. DVD player, cable box, etc.) to control it.

The IR commands are sent from the Transmitter to the media player via the IR Emitter 6' Single LED [SM-LED].

The IR Emitter LED is placed/taped right next to the IR window of the media player. The other end of the SM-LED (1/8" plug) is connected to the Transmitter.

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