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DisplayPort/USB KVM Switches

DisplayPort/USB KVM Switches

2- and 4-Port 4K Ultra-HD DisplayPort KVM switches with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing, full USB emulation, keyboard hot-keys and front push-button control
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1) DPN-2P Model No. DPN-2P-S Out of stock


$224.00 Compare to MSRP $299.00 - You save $75.00

2) DPN-4P Model No. DPN-4PS In stock


$409.00 Compare to MSRP $549.00 - You save $140.00

2-and 4-port 4K DisplayPort KVM switches 

with audio support, USB 2.0 peripheral sharing and full USB KVM emulation

SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches are capable of managing two or four DisplayPort computers with one monitor, one USB keyboard & mouse. The USB emulation technology utilized by SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches enables immediate hotkey source switching through a remote USB keyboard. SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches use DisplayPort connectors providing high resolutions of up to 4K (3840x2160 @ 60Hz) with zero pixel loss from TMDS signal correction.

Source Switching Made Easy
SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches provides a simplified management approach for two or four computers with DisplayPort, mic audio and USB 2.0 connections. These dynamic KVM switches can be controlled remotely from easily accessible keyboard hotkeys, as well as directly through the units' easy to read front panel.

EDID Pass-Through
SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches feature EDID pass-through technology which enables smooth and efficient switching, making the device easy to implement in virtually any scenario. This plug-and-play EDID functionality makes set up hassle free and simple.

Full USB Keyboard and Mouse Emulation
The USB keyboard and mouse emulation utilized by SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches provides quick source switching via keyboard hot keys. Also, SmartAVI DisplayPort/USB KVM switches simulate the presence of a keyboard and mouse for every computer attached via a USB cable. This is essential to switch without interruptions as it avoids computers freezing or going into sleep mode when they don't detect a keyboard or mouse connection.