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DPN-4DUO-S: 4-port dual-video DisplayPort KVM switch 

with USB 2.0 peripheral sharing and full USB KVM emulation 

DPN-4Duo is a dedicated multi-platform KVM switch capable of managing four dual-video computers through two DisplayPort monitors, one USB keyboard, one USB mouse, and other USB 2.0 devices. The dual-head compatibility of the switch enables increased workflow capabilities.

DisplayPort is one of the latest options in screen connectivity that delivers top quality high-definition video, and this device is DisplayPort 1.2 compliant with support for screen resolutions up to 3840x2160 @ 30Hz. HDMI and DVI video connections are supported with the proper video adapters, and the device is backwards compatible with prior DisplayPort versions.

The USB emulation technology utilized by DPN-4Duo enables immediate hot key source switching through the connected USB keyboard and mouse. Additional USB peripherals can be attached, like a USB printer. RS-232 control and front panel switching are supported.

Source Switching Made Easy
DPN-4Duo provides a simplified management approach for four DisplayPort equipped computers with USB 2.0 outputs for a keyboard, mouse and other USB peripheral devices. This dynamic KVM console can be controlled by keyboard hot keys or RS-232 commands, as well as directly through the console's easy-to-read front panel.

EDID Pass-Through
DPN-4Duo features EDID pass-through technology which enables smooth and efficient switching, making the device easy to implement in virtually any scenario. This plug-and-play EDID functionality makes set up hassle free and simple.

Full USB Keyboard and Mouse Emulation
The USB keyboard and mouse emulation utilized by DPN-4Duo provides quick source switching via keyboard hot keys. DPN-4Duo simulates the presence of a keyboard and mouse for every attached computer through a USB cable. This is essential as it simulates the existence of the keyboard and mouse to all the computers in order to switch without interruptions.

Flexible Control and Sharing
• RS-232: Any external device or program supporting RS-232 can control DPN-4Duo. DPN-4Duo uses a very simple protocol that enables easy integration with other devices.
• USB/Keyboard: Hot keys allow the user to switch and control all the different functions of the KVM switch.
• Independent Simultaneous Device Selection: Flexibility is key with DPN-4Duo. It enables the use of a USB keyboard and mouse of one computer while other USB peripherals such as scanners and printers are connected to other computer sources. DPN-4Duo maintains the ability to switch all connected devices to any one of the computer sources as with any other KVM switches.

Real-World Applications
DPN-4Duo has a broad range of applications, but the main function is to centralize the access of up to four dual-head computers that support DisplayPort displays in a single console. Not only does it function as a KVM console, but it also supports USB 2.0 functionality. This allows users to access nearly any USB device, including those not supported by other KVM switches. DPN-4Duo is the ideal solution for medical, industrial, studio and defense applications, where it is not practical or safe to have multiple CPUs in the vicinity of the console. 

Features and Benefits
• Switch KVM control on four dual-head connected computers from one console with two DisplayPort monitors
• Supports resolutions up to 3840x2160 @ 30Hz
• DisplayPort 1.2 compliant
• Zero pixel loss with TMDS signal correction
• Supports all USB 2.0 devices, including keyboard and mouse
• Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
• Rack mountable in a standard 19-inch rack
• Supports control via RS-232

Package Includes
• DPN-4Duo KVM switch
• PS5VDC4A power supply
Cables not included - see listing of compatible cables below


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