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DVX-2PS: Extend two DVI-D screens, USB 1.1, stereo audio and RS-232 signals 

up to 275 feet using CAT-6 cables 

DVX-2P can extend up to two DVI-D, USB 1.1, stereo audio and RS-232 signals up to 275 feet using CAT-6 cables, while retaining perfectly clear, crisp image (image resolution up to 1900 x 1200 at 60Hz) and audio quality.

The uses for the Smart-AVI's DVX-2P are as diverse as the companies that can utilize it – from medical to education, military to entertainment. The DVX-2P allows you the flexibility and ease of installation to completely suit your logistics planning.

Each DVX-2P system includes a transmitter and receiver, which are connected by a CAT-6 STP cable. The transmitter connects to the user's computer with the necessary cables, while the receiver connects to the remote interface devices up to 275 feet away.

Smart-AVI's DVX-2P is capable of supporting two (2) DVI-D monitors, with USB 1.1 keyboard and mouse, stereo audio and serial (RS-232) connections.

Film and Music Industry: Perfect for recording studios and editing stations that need to be isolated. This solution also allows more room at the workstation without the worry of CPU placement/space in your immediate area.
Medical: In an environment where display monitors and workstations cannot be in close proximity of various pieces of medical equipment, the DVX-P4 offers the practical solution, allowing total logistical flexibility and freedom.
Data Centers and Server Rooms: Allows for users to access CPUs from a remote work space. Meanwhile, the computer(s) can be stored in a controlled environment; irconditioned, completely secure and with access only by select individuals within your organization. Higher security for your CPUs drastically reducesthe threat of unauthorized access of your company's data, hardware and all but eliminates espionage of sensitive material.
Industrial Workspaces: The perfect solution when yourworkplace is not an environment where delicate CPUs should be in operation – near water, magnetic currents or cramped spaces not conducive to computers.

Features and Benefits
• Top image quality at all resolutions
• Video resolutions up to 1900 x 1200 at 60Hz (1280 x 1024 at 75Hz) up to 275 feet
• Internal DCC cables
• Distance: 275 feet with a CAT-6 STP cable
• Compatible with all operating systems
• Compatible with all major KVM switches
• Rack mount options (19)
• Supports up to 2 DVI-D sources
• Supports USB 1.1 keyboard and mouse
• Uses easy-to-install, inexpensive pair cable
• Data recovery for digital video
• Fully-compliant with USB 1.1 specifications
• Supports 1.5 and 12Mbps data rates
• External power adaptors for transmitter and receiver units
• Fully-transparent (does not use any emulation)
• Plug-and-play

Package Includes
• DVX-2P Transmitter [DVX-2P-TX]
• DVX-2P Receiver [DVX-2P-RX]
• 2 x Power Supplies [PS5VD4A]