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UltraVista Plus

Model No. VWL-D122DDL In stock

Solutions by Rose

At Rose Electronics, focus is on providing quality products to support keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) switching, KVM extension, video sharing/splitting, and digital signage applications. Rose KVM switches are easy to use systems designed for use in the home or small office, enterprise, datacenter, or command center. Utilizing proven technologies, one can centrally manage and administer, computers, servers, and network infrastructure components such as switches and routers.

In support of this environment we have developed an extensive line of extenders and rack drawers. In addition to keyboard, mouse, and video signals, several extender models also support stereo audio, USB peripherals, serial devices, and computers with multiple video cards. Rose RackView line of KVM drawers is an excellent solution for reception areas or Doctors’ offices, where space is limited, or to access servers in a rack. Enclosed in metal, the high-resolution monitors are protected from knocks and jolts that would normally spell doom for similar systems made from less durable material. The drawer rails are industrial strength units capable of withstanding the abuses associated with mobile and datacenter use.

Standard warranty: One year