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UltraVista Plus

Model No. VWL-D122DDL In stock

UltraVista Plus
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VWL-D122DDL: Configurable 2x2 video-wall controller 

• Distortion-free display on all four monitors
• Supports DVI input and DVI or VGA output monitors
• Four independent video outputs
• Programmable input EDID
• Compatible with DVI or HDMI inputs (HDMI requires adapter) up to 2560x2048
• Configuration utility via USB allows for easy control of cropping, scaling, rotation, and gap compensation

UltraVista Plus is a standalone unit that takes a DVI single- or dual-link video input signal and displays the video signal across four output monitors. The output to each monitor can be driven as DVI or VGA.

The image can be displayed in several distinct ways across the monitors. Any area of the source image can be selected and displayed on any one of the monitors, with additional customization options for reshaping, resizing, and rotating the image, allowing for very flexible and creative presentations. Alternatively, the input signal in full can be displayed on each monitor, or can be divided into quadrants. The input signal may be cropped, frame rates converted, and much more.

UltraVista Plus solves frame rate and output resolution compatibility issues by automatically converting each region independently. With UltraVista Plus a vertical 4x1, horizontal 1x4, or 2x2 video wall can be created, making it a powerful tool for constructing or supplementing video wall systems.

UltraVista Plus accepts a standard single- or dual-link DVI input signal and displays  of it across four output monitors. The system is easy to install and UltraVista Plus's versatility allows for very creative and unique video wall arrangements. A video wall can consist of a mix of portrait and landscape displays. To support portrait oriented monitors, the selected region of the input image can be rotated by 90, 180 or 270 to fit and align with the output monitor.

Each output can be driven as DVI or analog RGB and can be any selected area of the input image. UltraVista Plus can display the input signal in full on each output display, divide the input signal into quadrants and display each quadrant in a 2x2 display array, optionally convert the frame rates, crop the input signal, upscale specific areas, and much more.

With UltraVista Plus you can design your video wall in different variations and layouts that are sure to attract an audience.


UltraVista Plus is the ideal product to easily get a unique video wall displayed quickly. Its versatility allows you to arrange the four displays in different layouts. The intuitive configuration 
application makes it easy to select a portion of the input image and place that portion on any display. The selection can be rotated, scaled, cropped, and adjusted for gaps. Once the configuration is set-up, UltraVista Plus will run stand-alone and monitor the input resolution and adjust the internal scaling to consistently drive the output monitors.

All video connections to UltraVista Plus are with DVI video cables. Configuration is via USB Type A/B cable.


UltraVista Plus installation consists of connecting the DVI video source to the UltraVista Plus video input. With these connection cables in place, UltraVista then connects to the video displays.

UltraVista Plus, once configured, will perform "stand-alone" without the need for adjustments from the configuration application.

Features and Benefits
• Single or dual link DVI input support
• Full bezel width and height correction
• Splits a single DVI input into four independent outputs
• Output monitors can be DVI* or VGA
• Each output monitor can display any selected area of the input image
• Auto-detection of input resolution and output monitor resolution
• Default setting displays of the input signal on each output monitor in a 2x2 array
• Each output monitor can display any rectangular section of the input video signal
• The graphical utility provides easy configuration for cropping, scaling, rotating, and gap compensation
• Power, status, and input indicators
• The firmware detects when the input and output timings are set to identical frame rates and will automatically genlock the syncs

Package Contents
• UltraVista main unit
• Documentation CD with configuration control software
• Power adapter and power cord
• Rack-mount kit
• Installation and operations manual
• Cables not included

Required Cables
Input: 1x DVI-D, male-male
Output: 4x DVI-I, male-male or DVI-D, male-male
Configuration: 1x USB, Type-A to Type-B

* DVI-I connectors support the following video connections:
• DVI-A – No adapter required
• VGA – Via adapter, or adapter-cable
• DVI-D – No adapter required
• DVI-I – No adapter required
• HDMI – Via adapter or adapter-cable