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QuadraVista HDMI

Model No. QV-4KVMHDMI In stock

QuadraVista HDMI
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QV-4KVMHDMI: Multiviewer with four HDMI inputs 

1x4 KVM switch with quad screen HDMI, PiP and full screen modes 

Quick Facts
• Connect four DVI or HDMI sources with PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse
• Display video sources in quad, PiP, full, or windowed mode with name of source
• Switch a USB 2.0 device, speaker, and microphone from any computer
• Can be controlled from keyboard, mouse, USB, serial port, touchscreen, or network
• Built-in stereo speakers, separate audio and microphone inputs
• Four USB 2.0 ports for printers, memory sticks, and other high speed devices
• Resolutions up to 1920x1200
• Auto or manual image adjustments
• PiP function
• Touch screen support
• USB hub support
• HDCP compliant

QuadraVista HDMI is a flexible and powerful multiviewer product with the capability to control and monitor up to four HDMI video sources on a single display. It can be accessed locally, by sending ASCII commands using HyperTerminal, or from a third party controller for control over IP.

QuadraVista HDMI provides simultaneous support for HDMI and DVI video with high quality resolutions up to 1920 x 1200. Features of QuadraVista HDMI include automatic sensing of the input signal, picture-in-picture, video loss detection, and automatic output monitor resolution detection, making it one of the most sophisticated multiviewers on the market. Each of the four individual displays is highly customizable, and can be resized, repositioned, swapped, or locked to the present window layout.

Supplementing the HD video and digital audio, the unit comes with four embedded stereo audio inputs and support for USB peripherals such as printers, cameras, and tertiary storage devices.

QuadraVista HDMI can be accessed locally, sending ASCII commands using HyperTerminal, or from a third party controller for control over IP.

QuadraVista HDMI provides simultaneous support for HDMI and DVI video. The video features that the QuadraVista HDMI incorporates are:
• Automatic sensing of the input signal
• Picture-in-Picture
• Video loss detection
• Automatic output monitor resolution detection

The front panel LEDs indicate the mode the unit is operating in. The MODE LED is green when the unit is on-line and control is via the connected keyboard and mouse. A yellow LED indicates that the unit is controlled from a remote computer.

Each of the display windows can be resized, repositioned, swapped, or locked to the present window layout. These functions are easily performed with a simple mouse click.

QuadraVista HDMI system consists of the main unit, four computers with HDMI or DVI video ports (a DVI to HDMI adapter is required for DVI video sources), USB keyboard and USB mouse, speakers, microphone, USB peripherals like a printer, web cam, digital camera, USB flash drive or other compatible USB devices and the HDMI display.

QuadraVista HDMI can be set-up to display the four video sources on the monitor, or in a PiP mode. Each quadrant can be resized or re-positioned anywhere on the display monitor. The video windows can be swapped to any layout needed.

QuadraVista HDMI installation consists of connecting the four HDMI video sources to the unit, a USB keyboard and USB mouse, a set of speakers, microphone, any USB peripherals needed and the display monitor. With these connections the unit can be operated from the local keyboard and mouse. Connect a network cable to a router and the network and access and control can be performed over the network.

Operating QuadraVista HDMI is performed using keyboard commands or mouse functions. The keyboard commands can turn on or off a display window, lock the display layout, load a preset configuration file, switch the audio source and other functions. The mouse functions will display pop-up to switch from quad screen to full screen, resize a window, swap windows, access a remote computer and other functions.

Intuitive keyboard controls
• Toggle a window on or off
• Increase of decrease audio volume
• Toggle full screen mode on or off
• Switch audio source

Features and Benefits
• HDMI / DVI support (DVI via DVI to HDMI adapter)
• Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 50/60 Hz or 1600x1200 @ 75 Hz
• Auto detection of input video signal and output monitor resolutions
• Control up to four HDMI sources on a single display
• Adjustable quad video windows or full screen display
• Touch screen support
• Picture-in-Picture support
• Four analog audio inputs / 2 built in speakers
• Local headphone and microphone jacks
• Customizable display with 3D borders, labels, volume bar, background picture and more
• Full keyboard and mouse control of the HDMI source computers
• Supports USB and PS/2 based computers
• USB hub support for connecting USB printers, cameras, flash drives, graphic tablets and other USB compatible devices
• Access and control the connected computers from a remote laptop using Rose's custom access software
• Two operating modes, Host and Remote, are available