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Image 1 of 9 - VIP-200D Tx transmitter, back view. view
Image 2 of 9 - VIP-200D Tx transmitter, front view. view

Image 3 of 9 - Point-to-point direct connection configuration for extension via CATx cable. view
Image 4 of 9 - One transmitter to multiple receiver setup (point to many distribution). view

Image 5 of 9 - Many transmitters to one receiver setup (many to point distribution). view
Image 6 of 9 - Two transmitters to two receivers setup (many to many distribution), sending HDMI and receiving DVI and VGA video. view

Image 7 of 9 - One transmitter to three (3) receivers setup (one to many distribution), mixing different types of receiver units. view
Image 8 of 9 - One transmitter to one receiver setup (one to one distribution) via IP (network switch), sending HDMI and receiving DVI and VGA video. view

Image 9 of 9 - Two (2) transmitters to one receiver setup (many to one distribution), sending HDMI and receiving DVI and VGA video. view

VIP-200D Tx

Model No. VIP-200DTX In stock

VIP-200D Tx
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PureStream DVI and USB KVM over IP transmitter/encoder 

Note: Receiver (decoder) units are purchased separately

PureStreamPureStream VIP (video over IP) product line offers feature-rich, easy to operate solutions to manage the distribution of audio, video and more over standard IP networks. PureLink understands that the implementation of traditional A/V has added complexity when merged with IT. PureStream VIP solutions address these issues by combining reliable hardware with simplified setup, discovery, and operation.

VIP-200 series DVI and USB/KVM over IP extension system allows users to distribute video, audio, RS-232, infrared (IR), USB keyboard/mouse and USB peripherals over an IP network. Local and remote units can be connected together for point-to-point extension over distances up to 590 feet, as well as a point-to-many, many to point, and matrix connectivity with the assistance of VPX IP video management software (purchased separately).

VIP-200D Tx transmitter/encoder module connects to the source-device for point-to-point extension, one-to-many or many-to-one distribution, and matrix switching of multiple devices over IP networks with support for DVI video, USB, RS-232, IR, and bi-directional audio.

VIP-200 IP video distribution and matrix switching capabilities via IP network enables the easy setup and configuration of HD video, audio, and USB (KVM) signals over IP networks using PureLink's proprietary PureStreamX codec. Transmitter (encoder) and receiver (decoder) modules can extend signals up to 590 feet (180m) point-to-point or to/from a network switch. Together with the revolutionary VPX IP video management software (purchased separately), VIP-200 offers multi-format hardware options and an intuitive web based UI application to deliver a powerful and easy to install IP video distribution system.

VIP-200 one-to-many configurationFour products in one
VIP-200 series allows point to point, point to many, many to point, and many to many configurations:
• Point to point : 590 feet KVM extender
• Distribution : one transmitter to 154+ receivers
• Switching : up to 100 transmitters to one receiver
• Matrix : up to 100 transmitters to 154+ receivers

VIP200 series is set to work out of the box as a point to point, or point to many system, no configuration is necessary. For point to many configurations, simply plug them together through a network switch using CAT-5e or better cable. VIP-200 series can work out of the box this way because it employs its own Auto IP addressing method.

Using VIP-200's Auto IP assignment method provides the easiest and fastest setup. There may be applications where you want to use a network switch that either provides DHCP addressing where the switch assigns all devices an IP address, or manual addressing where you set the IP addresses of the devices.

Because transmitters create continuous streaming traffic of video on the network, it is recommended when possible to create your IP video network independent of your data network. Use of gigabit switches with jumbo frame and IGMP support will create the most appropriate scenario for both independent IP video networks, and cases where IP video systems are included within your data network.

Three modes of addressing
• Auto IP addressing (recommended) - VIP-200 system default configuration provides automatic IP addressing. The Auto IP method provides instant and easy setup and operation of VIP-200 devices when a specific manual IP address method is not required, and DHCP is not required.
• Manual IP addressing - VIP-200 device IP addresses can be configured manually. Using PureLink simple software application (iCON VIP Device Manager) to identify the devices Auto IP address, you can then access their built in web page interface to change the devices to Manual IP mode. Manual IP addressing is utilized when the network is not DHCP, and the Auto IP range does not work with the current network, or the intended design. These settings are normally done prior to adding on to a network.
• DHCP addressing - VIP-200 device IP addresses can be configured to accept IP addresses using DHCP. Using PureLink simple software application to identify the devices, you can then access their built in web page interface to change the devices to DHCP IP mode.

Features and Benefits
• Ultra-low latency
• High quality proprietary codec
• USB 2.0 (KVM)
• RS232 and IR
• Handheld remote control for 'channel' like switching
• Optional VPX IP video management software with browser interface
• HDCP compliance

In the Box
1x VIP-200D Tx
1x Power Adapter
1x Infrared Receiver
Cables are not included

Required Cables
1x DVI/USB/audio KVM cable


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