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2 HDMI inputs to 10 HDMI screens 

all with dedicated HDCP-compliance 

PureLink HDToolsPureLink HD-2100 2x10 HDMI distribution amplifyer is the ideal solution for consumers who need to send one or two HDMI sources to up to 10 HDTV's at the same time via HDMI.

HD-2100 allows two digital video sources to be spilt up to 10 digital displays. The built-in amplification function enables HDMI signal distribution without signal loss

PureLink's distribution amplifier is built to deliver the highest quality picture preserving the native resolutions of the video sources without any signal loss. At the same time, the digital noises that may affect the picture quality will be eliminated. Due to the nature of the digital signals and passing through multiple stages of connection when using distribution amplifiers, it is important to eliminate the digital noises and boost the signal strength to preserve/enhance the video signal quality.

Signal amplification for signal reliability and long length signal transmission
PureLink's 12V power adapter supplies adequate power to amplify the video signals from the video source. This is necessary as the overall length from the video source to the displays is longer when using the distribution amplifiers(distance from the video source to the distribution amplifier + distance from the distribution amplifier to the display). In most cases, the overall distance that the HDMI signal will need to travel is over 10ft. Due to the nature of HDMI signals, amplification is necessary to warrant the video quality and reliability. (Without amplification, there may be occasional blackouts or blinking effects) With this amplification feature, your video display can be extended up to 2300ft using our fiber optical HDMI cables.

HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliant
PureLink's HDMI distribution amplifiers are fully HDCP compliant. Many video sources such as DVD players and Satellite/Cable Receivers are HDCP encrypted. For these video sources to be displayed correctly, HDCP compliant.

Features and Benefits
• Superb HD Picture Quality up to 1080p, 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
• Easily switch any two HDMI sources
• Mirrored outputs to 10 HDTVs
• Signal Regeneration allows longer distance connectivity with copper cables (30 ft at 1080p)
• Proven Reliability—Rigorous Aging Tests ensure 100,000+ trouble free hours of operation
• Fully HDMI and HDCP Compliant
• Active HDCP on every output for quicker boot-up, reliable sync without crashes
• Flexible EDID—Improves compatibility with all HD displays worldwide
• Robust Construction—Solid Steel chassis, rackmountable (included)
• Discrete IR Remote
• RS-232 Port
• Installs easily in minutes

PureLink products are guarantied to be 100% HDCP compliant on every single output port.