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PS/2 to USB Converter

Model No. 0DT60002 In stock

PS/2 to USB Converter
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0DT60002: Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to a PS/2 device 

to extend the life of your legacy PS/2 equipment 

Keep your PS/2 legacy equipment! The PS/2 to USB Converter, a small, plug & play converter, transforms PS/2 equipment from outdated devices to valuable tools for today's data centers.

Rather than advocate "rip and replace" IT solutions, Minicom's Real Needs™ approach preserves past investments by repurposing and updating existing IT equipment. Once you have gone through the hassle of setting up a KVM switch, for example, it is inconvenient and expensive to throw it out and start from scratch. With the PS/2 to USB Converter, your life at the rack only gets easier: you can now use your KVM switch with a new generation USB keyboard and mouse. Whether your PS/2 KVM switches are from Minicom or not, you can still extend the life of the IT equipment that you already bought.

Flexible USB Support
With the PS/2 to USB Converter, you can use your PS/2 device (KVM switches, KVM extenders, and servers) with a USB keyboard and mouse.

Have a USB keyboard and a PS/2 mouse? A PS/2 keyboard and a USB mouse? No problem!

Unlike other converters, the PS/2 to USB Converter accommodates multiple permutations of keyboard and mice combinations:
• Supports USB keyboard with USB mouse
• Supports USB keyboard with PS/2 mouse
• Supports USB mouse with PS/2 keyboard

Features and Benefits
• Compatible with PS/2 servers/KVM switches/KVM extenders
• Extends the life of legacy PS/2 equipment
• Pure hardware solution - no software/network conflicts
• No need for external power
• Compact size
• Plug & play