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PS/2 Extension Cables

PS/2 Extension Cables

PS/2 extension cables with one 6-pin MiniDIN male and one 6-pin MiniDIN female connectors, extending PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse up to 50 feet
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1) PS/2 Extension Cable (M/F), 10-Feet Model No. KXT102_10 In stock

$3.34 Compare to MSRP $4.99 - You save $1.65

2) PS/2 Extension Cable (M/F), 15-Feet Model No. KXT102_15 In stock

$3.81 Compare to MSRP $5.99 - You save $2.18

3) PS/2 Extension Cable (M/F), 25-Feet Model No. KXT102_25 In stock

$7.63 Compare to MSRP $11.99 - You save $4.36

4) PS/2 Extension Cable (M/F), 50-Feet Model No. KXT102_50 In stock

$13.55 Compare to MSRP $20.99 - You save $7.44

5) PS/2 Extension Cable (M/F), 6-Feet Model No. KXT102 In stock

$1.97 Compare to MSRP $2.99 - You save $1.02
PS/2 Keyboard or Mouse Extension Cables, up to 50 Feet.

These PS/2 keyboard/mouse extension cables feature a 6 DIN male connector and a 6 DIN female connector, allowing you to extend the connection distance between a PS/2 mouse or keyboard and the host computer by up to 50 feet.

The extension cables offer a cost-effective and convenient way to connect PS/2 peripherals at longer distances than would typically be possible, allowing you to position peripherals as needed, without the hassle of connection length limitations.

These extension cables are backed by's lifetime warranty.