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OmniView SOHO PS/2 & USB, 2-Ports

Model No. F1DS102J In stock

OmniView SOHO PS/2 & USB, 2-Ports
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Share One VGA Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers Between Two (2) PS/2 and/or USB Computers with Cables Included.

Belkin OmniView® SOHO Desktop KVM Switch lets you share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between two (2) computers, saving space on your desk and reducing equipment clutter. You can also connect one set of speakers and use them for all your computers.

The sleek design incorporates the flexibility to connect to a mix of PS/2 or USB computers, using the same (included) 6-feet cables. Further more, you have a choice of connecting either a PS/2 or a USB console (keyboard/mouse) and a VGA monitor.

Sensitive push buttons on the front allow for easy switching, and independent audio-switching means you can play music from one computer while accessing files from another.

The SOHO KVM Switch helps to increase your efficiency and productivity at home or in the office by reducing desktop clutter while keeping access to all of your programs and files spread across multiple computers.

Belkin SOHO KVM cables now come included in the box with your KVM switch!

Features and Benefits
• Video Resolution - SOHO KVM Switch is able to support video resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536 @ 85Hz so you can use the latest in video display technology for all your computers.
• Flash Upgrade - With the firmware-upgrade feature, your investment in the KVM Switch is further ensured and its lifetime value is maximized. You don't have to change your KVM Switch to solve compatibility problems since you can solve them with easy firmware upgrades. A special upgrade cable is not needed; you can use the same KVM cable that connects your computer.
• Speaker/Microphone Support - The SOHO KVM Switch allows you to share one set of speakers and one microphone with all your computers, so you won't need to unplug and reconnect your speakers and microphone every time you switch access from one computer to the next.
• OS independent - Full compatibility with PC, Mac®, and other operating systems
• User-friendly design - Front-panel buttons with LED indicator lights provide easy to access switching between multiple computers
• Advanced switching capable - Hot-key switching provides instantaneous access
• Direct-Access Port Selectors - Direct-access port selectors, conveniently located on the front face of the SOHO KVM Switch, allow you to easily switch access from one computer to the next. You can change the KVM port or the audio/mic using these buttons.
• Independent audio switching - Allows the user to switch systems being accessed without switching audio output; great for streaming audio
• Cables - All the required cables are 6 feet in length and are included in the box for easier installation. The cables are VGA/USB/PS/2 combo cables that connect to the USB or PS/2 connector of the host PC. The cables are also smaller and easier to manage.
• There are two LEDs on each button. One indicates which port the KVM is on and the other indicates which port the audio/mic is on.
• 3-year warranty - Belkin's assurance: Quality. Service. Value.