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OmniView Secure 2-Port KVM Switch

Model No. F1DN102U In stock

OmniView Secure 2-Port KVM Switch
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F1DN102U: Protect secure computers with an EAL 4+ NIAP-validated USB KVM switch 

Designed specifically for secure military and government installations, the OmniView® Secure KVM Switch provides the centralized control required by today's IA (Information Assurance) computer environments. It allows users to manage multiple computers from a single USB console, while preventing unintended data transfer between computers running on different security levels.

This product ensures the integrity of your data by safely switching among secure and unsecured computers.

The switch features a dedicated processor per computer port to keep each computer separate and secure at all times, and prevent data transfer among them.

OmniView® Secure KVM Switch is listed by NIAP, and is validated by NIAP Common Criteria to EAL 4+ with ALC_FLR.3.

The first and only KVM switch to achieve ALC_FLR.3, the Secure KVM Switch is also the first to conform to the latest Protection Profile v1.2 for peripheral sharing devices.

Security Features
• Dedicated Processors - Designed specifically for secure environments, the Switch features a dedicated processor per computer port. This keeps each computer running on different security levels completely separated and secure at all times, and prevents any unintended data transfer between computers.
• No Memory Buffer - The Switch does not have a memory buffer and does not have the ability to store data. This prevents any keystrokes or other data input from being unintentionally transferred as you switch between computers, ensuring the integrity of your data. The Switch does not include any features that require memory, such as hot keys, AutoScan, or an on-screen display (OSD).
• Non-Reprogrammable Firmware - The Switch features custom firmware that is not reprogrammable, preventing the ability to tamper with the KVM logic.
• Tamper-Evident Tape - Tamper-evident tape is placed on both sides of the enclosure, to provide indication if the Switch has been opened or compromised.
• Tamper-Proof Hardware - All integrated circuits are soldered directly to the printed circuit board to prevent tampering with the components.
• NIAP Listing - The Switch is listed by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). It is NIAP Common Criteria validated to EAL 4 (Evaluation Assurance Level 4).

Other Features and Benefits
• USB Support - The Switch is compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 technology and supports Plug-and-Play connectivity with USB computers, keyboards, and mice.
• Video Resolution - The Switch supports video resolutions of up to 1920 x 1440 @75Hz.
• Dedicated Port Selectors - Port selectors, located conveniently on the front panel of the Switch, allow you to switch easily from one computer to the next. Each button controls a single computer port.
• LED Indicators - An LED above each port selector illuminates to indicate that the console currently controls the corresponding computer. As a port selector is pushed, the LED above it will light up.
• Metal Enclosure - The Switch features a rugged, metal enclosure that provides stability and allows the Switch to be placed beneath your monitor or other desk item.
• Desktop or Rack-Mount Installation - With its compact design, the Switch can be placed on your desktop or mounted to a standard 19-inch server rack for 1U installation.
• Global Power Adapter - The Switch includes a global power adapter and interchangeable plugs, to allow for both domestic and international installations (Includes AC plugs for the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Australia).
• Optional Rack-Mount Brackets with Screws
• Warranty - 3 years.

Package Content
• OmniView Secure KVM Switch
• 5V DC, 3A Global Power Adapter
• 4 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Includes AC plugs for the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Australia)
• User Manual
• Quick Installation Guide

Note: Belkin All-in-One KVM Cables are required to connect your computers (see listing below).


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