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OmniView Secure KVM

OmniView Secure KVM

Control up to 4 secure and unsecured USB computers from a single USB console – designed for secure military and government installations
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1) OmniView Secure 2-Port KVM Switch Model No. F1DN102U In stock



2) OmniView Secure 4-Port KVM Switch Model No. F1DN104U Out of stock



Protect secure computers with EAL 4+ NIAP-validated USB KVM switches

Designed specifically for secure military and government installations, OmniView Secure KVM Switches provide the centralized control required by today's IA (Information Assurance) computer environments. They allow users to manage multiple computers from a single USB console, while preventing unintended data transfer between computers running on different security levels.

These products ensure the integrity of your data by safely switching among secure and unsecured computers.

OmniView secure KVM switches feature a dedicated processor per computer port to keep each computer separate and secure at all times, and prevent data transfer among them.

OmniView Secure KVM switches are listed by NIAP, and is validated by NIAP Common Criteria to EAL 4+ with ALC_FLR.3.

The first KVM switches to achieve ALC_FLR.3, these secure KVM switches are also the first to conform to the latest Protection Profile v1.2 for peripheral sharing devices.