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NTI KVM Cables

NTI KVM Cables

Gold plated, triple shielded for noise reduction, all-in-1 KVM cables, VGA video, PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse
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1) USB+VGA Extension Cable, 10 feet Model No. USBVEXT-10 In stock

2) USB+VGA Extension Cable, 3 feet Model No. USBVEXT-3 In stock

3) USB+VGA Interface Cable, 10 feet Model No. USBVEXT-10-MM In stock

4) USB+VGA Interface Cable, 15 feet Model No. USBVEXT-15-MM In stock

$30.00 Compare to MSRP $31.00 - You save $1.00

5) USB+VGA Interface Cable, 6 feet Model No. USBVEXT-6-MM In stock

Interface (male to male) or extension (male to female) KVM cables, VGA, PS/2 or USB.

Gold plated, triple shielded for noise reduction, all-in-1 KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) cables, with VGA video, and PS/2 or USB keyboard/mouse interfaces up to 100-feet long.

No ghosting and no video degradation Guaranteed. Ghosts, shadows, or streaks in picture adjacent to vertical edges may be a cause of faulty cables/termination. VPI cables are manufactured with the highest standards and provide a solid image with no ghosting & no degradation guaranteed.

• All-in-1 KVM cable up to 100 feet with a single cable run.
• Gold plated contacts.
• Triple shielded for noise reduction. Cable shields are grounded to the metal connector shells.
• HD15 (VGA) connector supports high resolution video.