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HDMI 2.0 Digital Signage Media Player

Model No. 500769 In stock

HDMI 2.0 Digital Signage Media Player
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500769: Deliver H.264/H.265 AV content up to 4K/60 

to a digital-signage screen or video-wall from a local network, Internet, internal memory or external USB drive 

The 500769 HDMI 2.0 digital signage media player is capable of receiving multiple H.264/H.265 AV content simultaneously up to 4K/60 (4:4:4) from a local network, the Internet, internal memory or external USB memory devices. 500769 supports multiview capability and scheduling to automatically deliver this customized windowed AV content based on a weekly schedule.

Multiple video, audio and image file formats are supported. The digital signage player is able to up-scale 1080p @ 60Hz video to 4K @ 60Hz (4:4:4) and delivers content to a display or to another transmitter to support virtual matrix and video wall configurations.

The exceptionally low bandwidth requirements of this device allows it to accept streaming audio/video content over a local network, over WiFi, and over the Internet for distributed installations spread-out throughout the globe.

The digital signage player may be extended up to 330 feet from the Ethernet switch over CAT-5e/6 cable, and supports PoE (PD) and may be powered by a PoE (PSE) Ethernet switch.

The 500769 HDMI 2.0 digital signage media player may be controlled by the unit Web interface and by Digisign CMS (Content Management System) software for scheduling. MuxLab Digisign CMS (Content Management System) Windows, iOS and Android software application is available to simplify the configuration and utilization of the 500769. Digisign may be run on a PC/laptop, iOS smartphone and tablet, and Android smartphone and tablet.

Access to the 500769 web interface is possible via a web browser. The unit is configured in DHCP mode by default, and will be assigned an IP address if your network has a DHCP server. If no DHCP server is available on the network, the 500769 will default to a static IP address. You may identify the IP address of the 500769 by looking at a connected display, as it will be visible when the unit is booting up.

• Digital signage
• Audio/video streaming over LAN, Wifi and Internet
• Commercial and residential AV systems
• Corporate lobbies, malls and boutiques, airports, subway/train/bus stations, etc.

Features and Benefits
• Digital signage media player supporting playlists and weekly scheduler of multi-format video, image and audio files
• Supports up to 4K @ 60Hz (4:4:4) video streams
• Up-scales 1080p @ 60Hz video streams up to 4K @ 60Hz
• Extends local audio/video transmission up to 330 feet (100m) over CAT-5e/6
• H.264/265 video codec, excellent for LAN, WiFi and Internet transmission
• Supports Multicast, RTSP, HLS, FLV and TS
• USB 3.0 port for playback of local content from external USB drive
• Extracts digital audio via SPDIF (TOSLink)
• Extracts analog audio via 2CH 3.5 mm jack
• RS-232 and directional IR for remote control of end-devices
• PoE powered via PoE (PSE) Ethernet switch
• Managed remotely via the unit web interface and via Content Management Software running on PC, tablet and smartphone


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