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Multi-Video KVM Extenders

Extend a multi-screen KVM console away (over a long distance, using CATx cable) from a computer that has multiple video heads

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USB-VGA dual-view KVM extenders up to 1000 feet over CATx with RS-232, audio, PC wake-up and optional video deskew for adjusting picture quality

Dual-View VGA/USB/Audio KVM Extenders

Starting at $855.00 view

Extend a DVI-USB computer with dual- or quad-video heads along with audio and RS-232 up to 245 feet away over CAT-5e/6 cables using HDBaseT

Multi-Screen DVI-USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $779.00 view

DVI-I dual-display KVM over IP extenders over CAT-5 or LAN, supporting one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many modes with RS-232

Dual-DVI (and VGA) KVM over IP

Starting at $1,519.00 view

Single- or dual-DVI/VGA and USB KVM+audio extenders (with local access) via 500-foot CATx or unlimited distance over IP via one-Gigabit LAN


Starting at $688.00 view

High resolution (up to 2560x1600) DisplayPort video extender with hi-speed USB 2.0, digital (S/PDIF) and analog audio over CATx cables, 490 feet

AdderLink XD522 DisplayPort/USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $1,615.50 view

Powered rack-mount chassis with up to 8 transmitters/receivers, each for extending 2 DVI-D screens, audio and USB keyboard/mouse & peripherals

High-Density Dual-DVI + Audio KVM Extenders

Starting at $2,024.00 view

Point-to-point fiber-optic KVM extenders supporting dual or quad DVI-D, PS/2 or USB keyboard & mouse, audio and RS232 control up to 10 miles

Fiber Multi-Screen DVI KVM Extenders

Starting at $2,586.00 view

Digital KVM & media extension and device switching over IP featuring dual head or dual link DVI video, digital audio, USB true emulation and network multicast

AdderLink INFINITY Dual

Starting at $1,353.75 view

Dual-link or single-link DVI, USB KVM extenders over CAT-5 up to 330 feet, with optional audio (speakers+mic) and RS-232 serial touch-screen support

DVI KVM Extenders over CAT-5

Starting at $949.00 view

Transparent USB 2.0, stereo audio and high resolution single- or dual-VGA video KVM extension (with local access) up to 1000 feet over CATx

AdderLink X-USB PRO

Starting at $1,345.50 view

PS/2 KVM, audio, multiple full speed RS232 serial and multiple VGA video extension to control a multi-video-head PC over 1000 feet of UTP cable

AdderLink X2 MultiScreen

Starting at $1,304.00 view

Powered rack-mount chassis with up to 12 transmitters or receivers, each for extending two DVI-D screens and USB 1.1 up to 275 feet using CAT-6

High-Density Dual-DVI USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $1,874.00 view

Dual-DVI CATx KVM extenders, extend USB or PS/2 keyboard/mouse, dual DVI-D video, optional serial & audio up to 400 feet over CAT-5/5e/6/7 cable

CrystalView Dual-DVI CATx

Starting at $3,431.00 view

Extend a multi-screen computer with up to 4 DVI-D screens, USB, optional stereo audio and RS232 signals up to 400 feet away using CAT-x cables

CAT-x Multi-Screen DVI KVM Extenders

Starting at $674.00 view

USB and VGA video extenders extend four (4) USB devices over CAT-x cables up to 250 feet, with optional audio and RS232 support

Transparent USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $542.00 view

Access a computer with single, dual or quad video from 330' away with advanced automatic video compensation and equalization and USB 2.0 support

CrystalView USB2

Starting at $1,489.00 view

Flash-upgradeable, single-or dual-link DVI-USB KVM extenders up to 2.48 miles (fiber) or 492 feet (CATx) w/ optional audio and RS232 extension

AdderLink DVI/USB KVM Extenders

Starting at $1,345.50 view

VGA/USB KVM console extender over CATx (165 feet) with dual-access, high quality single- or dual-video, (optional serial) and digital stereo audio

AdderLink X50

Starting at $760.50 view

Extends video (or dual-video), USB keyboard, mouse, and peripherals, optional serial and audio up to 150 feet away using CATx cable

CrystalView Mini USB

Starting at $703.00 view