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0SU70028: Compact, 1-port remote USB-VGA KVM access, directly to your computer or server 

with virtual media 

PX is a high performance KVM IP Gateway providing complete BIOS level access and control of your computer or server, from any location. Compact and cost-effective, the PX comes with 128-bit SSL security as standard, and is equally adept in small business environments, remote support applications, and Enterprise data centers. Whatever your circumstance, wherever your computer, PX gives you the confidence of complete access and control, always.

Virtual Media capability for each server
The PX USB version features virtual media technology allowing a remote user to effortlessly move files from his USB or CD-ROM drive to target servers that may be anywhere in the world. With PX you no longer have to be physically present at each server in order to install or recover software applications and install OS patches. PX multiplies the power and reach of every technician or small business administrator, giving them immediate and total control over their computer or server whether they are in the office, at home, or even on the road.

Complete remote support for mission critical applications
PX is an indispensable tool for remotely supporting mission-critical computers and devices - where every instant of added downtime may be critical to service provision. PX lets you instantly access the remote computer's BIOS, and accurately diagnose and even fix system faults - saving you the time and cost of a field technician roll out. PX is ideal for market applications running mission critical services on a single computer/server such as medical, telecom, security, Software as a Service, and banking and finance.

Scalable centralized management
The single-port PX handily solves the problem of blocked server access in the data center. With a number of PX devices connected, multiple remote users can control multiple servers, all at the same time. Additional PX devices can be added as your data center grows and the entire inventory can be managed under Minicom's KVM.net® II global centralized server management system. The combination of KVM.net® II and PX is ideal for corporations operating servers at multiple sites such as testing labs, university campuses, branch offices, and multi-floor facilities. The rack-mountable PX also uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology for efficient, clutter free power management.

Non-blocking serial device access
The PX Serial is a palm-sized, single port RS232 device providing non-blocking access for any number of remote users to any number of individual serial devices including headless servers, routers, managed network switches, serially-based power management devices, and telecommunications/telephone exchange systems. The device comes with a range of mounting options for complete installation flexibility.

Features and Benefits
• Choice of PS/2, USB or Serial versions
• Single port, palm-sized device
• Virtual Media for complete remote management
• Absolute Mouse Support for reduced installation hassle
• BIOS level access over IP connection
• Cost-effective & easily scalable
• KVM.net® II enabled
• Ideal for isolated/widely distributed servers
• Power over Ethernet & external power option