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SVX2 Smartline Dual - Local Unit

Model No. 6502L In stock

SVX2 Smartline Dual - Local Unit
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6502L: Dual HDMI+USB extension system 

two HDMI/USB extension systems over two CAT-5/6/7 cables in ONE box - Local unit 

Note: Remote (MON) units are purchased separately

• 2x HDMI* and DVI-D** video
• 2x USB 2.0 (including sound modules)

• DVI-D/HDMI and USB 2.0 KVM extender
• 1920x1200 @ 60Hz resolution 
• 492 foot (150 m) extension over CATx
• Full HD videos in real time
• USB 2.0 transparent
• Only one CAT-5e/6/7 cable for USB and video
• USB Save feature
• Compatible with Matrix Switching System up to 48 endpoints

Smartline SVX2 Dual KVM extension over IP and CATx system supports two HDMI and two USB 2.0 signals. The transmission distance of 492 feet over two CATx cables is completely lossless. Smartline SVX2 Dual KVM extender supports resolution of 1920x1200 @ 60Hz.

Optionally, you may connect the Local (PC) and Remote (MON) units to a 1GB Ethernet network switch, which will in turn support a total point-to-point extension distance of 984 feet (300m).

A perfect tuning of the kvm-tec video compression with a low latency time enables the signals to be transmitted without delay. USB and video signals are transmitted via the same CATx cable. The HDMI extension without loss of quality allows Full HD video to be transmitted in real time.

The transparent USB 2.0 interface supports keyboard, mouse, tablets and touch screens, sound modules, printers, smartcard readers, serial adapters and more. USB Save - kvm-tec's security feature - prevents the intrusion of computer viruses via the transparent USB interface by disabling mass storage devices support such as USB sticks and external hard disk drives.

An SVX2-MO USB 2.0 memory option is available (purchased separately) supporting USB memory stick and USB hard drive. When enabled, this option allows the use of a USB memory stick or a USB hard drive for transferring data.

With the optional SVX2-SWO matrix switching system upgrade (purchased separately), SVX2 can be used with a dedicated 1GB Ethernet network switch to create one-to-many and many-to one configurations, or even a complete many-to-many KVM matrix switching system without any additional hardware. SVX2 on-screen display (OSD) system is then used to control the connections of your matrix.

Additionally, KVM-SM48 Switching Manager kvm-tec's intelligent software (available separately) provides easy and intuitive management of all KVM extenders in the switching system.

A low cost, 3-year extended warranty is also available for a total warranty coverage of five years.

Features and Benefits
• 2x HDMI extension without loss of quality
• Full HD 1080p and 1920x1200 @ 60Hz resolution
• Full HD video in real time
• 2x Transparent USB 2.0 extension for USB keyboard/mouse/touch screen
• Automatic plug & play installation
• Only one cable for USB and video
• Local and remote monitor output
• Flash firmware upgrade without cable
• Compatible with all CAT-5/6/7 cables
• Analog sound transmission
• High reliability, robust design
• Ultra compact: Up to 2 extenders in 19" 1U
• 19" rack mountable (rack-mount available separately)

Package Includes
1x SVX2 Local (PC) unit
2x Wall power supplies 12V 1A
2x DVI-HDMI cables, 1.8m (5.9 feet)
2x USB Type-A to Type-B cable, 1.8m (5.9 feet)
4x Rubber feet
4x Mounting pads
1x First aid sheet

* Video only (no audio); not HDCP compliant
** Requires HDMI-DVI adapter


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