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SMARTflex Single

SMARTflex Single

DVI-D/USB KVM extension/switching system over a single CAT-5/6/7 cable or over an Ethernet network with optional PoE support for KVM switching and matrix configuration
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SMARTflex Single - Local Unit

1) SMARTflex Single - Local Unit Model No. 6011L Usually ships within 3-4 business days or less


$588.00 MSRP: $640.00 - You save $52.00
SMARTflex Single - Remote Unit

2) SMARTflex Single - Remote Unit Model No. 6011R Usually ships within 3-4 business days or less


$588.00 MSRP: $640.00 - You save $52.00

DVI-D/USB KVM extension/switching system 

over a single CAT-5/6/7 cable or over Ethernet network with optional PoE support for extended distance and KVM switching & matrix configuration

SMARTflex Single is a highly optimized KVM extender that covers a range of 492 feet at a resolution of 1920x1200 @ 60Hz. Optionally, you may connect the local (CPU) and remote (CON) units to a 1GB Ethernet network switch, which will in turn support a total point-to-point extension distance of 984 feet (300m). The perfect tuning of kvm-tec video compression with a low latency (<5ms) allows signals to be transmitted without delay. USB and video are transmitted via one CAT-5e/6/7 cable.

SMARTflex Single can be used for point-to-point connection, or with a dedicated 1GB Ethernet network switch to create one-to-many or many-to-one configurations, or even a complete many-to-many KVM matrix switching system supporting up to 100 endpoints with the included switching manager software - switch up @ work - for intuitive switching management.

The transparent USB 2.0 interface features full USB emulation and USB-peripheral sharing, supporting keyboard, mouse, tablets and touch screens, sound modules, printers, smartcard readers, serial adapters and more.

USB save, kvm-tec's security feature prevents the intrusion of computer viruses via the transparent USB interface by disabling mass storage devices support such as USB sticks and external hard disk drives. The optional USB 2.0 memory option (purchased separately) reverses USB save, and supports USB memory sticks and USB hard drives. When enabled, this option allows the use of a USB memory stick or a USB hard drive for transferring data.

SMARTflex Single features embedded sound and is compatible with standard network components.

SMARTflex Single also features freeze last image which displays the last image received when the Remote unit (CON) is disconnected from the Local unit (CPU) (instead of displaying a black screen upon the disconnection).

SMARTflex Single comes in ultra slim boxes that save space in a rack - four (4) boxes can fit side-by-side in 1RU.

SMARTflex Single is also suitable for 24V systems.

A low cost, 3-year extended warranty is also available for a total warranty coverage of five years.