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Matrixline MX2000

Matrixline MX2000

DVI/VGA + USB, RS-232 and audio extension over CATx (492 feet) or over fiber-optic (1640 feet) or over Ethernet network for extended distance and KVM switching & matrix configuration
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1) MX1-FL2000 Matrixline Single, Multimode Fiber - Local Unit Model No. 6811L In stock


$669.00 Compare to MSRP $707.00 - You save $38.00

2) MX1-FR2000 Matrixline Single, Multimode Fiber - Remote Unit Model No. 6811R In stock


$669.00 Compare to MSRP $707.00 - You save $38.00

3) MX1-L2000 Matrixline Single, CATx - Local Unit Model No. 6711L In stock


$659.00 Compare to MSRP $695.00 - You save $36.00

4) MX1-R2000 Matrixline Single, CATx - Remote Unit Model No. 6711R In stock


$659.00 Compare to MSRP $695.00 - You save $36.00

DVI/VGA + USB, RS-232 and audio extension and switching system 

over a 10 Gigabit dedicated IP network, connected using CATx (492 feet) or a 2-strand Multimode fiber-optic cable up to 1640 feet


• DVI-D video
• Analog VGA video (transmitted as DVI-D video)
• Analog audio at CD quality
• USB 2.0 (including sound modules)
• RS-232

• DVI-D / USB 2.0 / sound / RS-232 KVM extender
• 1920x1200 @ 60Hz Resolution 
• 1640 feet (500 m) Max. distance over a 2-strand Multimode fiber-optic cable
• Full HD videos in real time
• USB 2.0 transparent
• USB Save feature
• Can be used with the included Matrix Switching System supporting up to 480 endpoints

Ultra-flexible KVM extension system over IP for the transmission of USB 2.0, DVI (or analog VGA) video at 1920x1200 @ 60Hz resolution, CD quality sound and RS-232 signals 492 feet over CATx or 1640 feet over a 2-strand Multimode fiber-optic cable.

A perfect tuning of the kvm-tec video compression with a low latency time enables the signals to be transmitted without delay. USB and video are transmitted via the same cable. The DVI extension without loss of quality allows Full HD video to be transmitted in real time.

The transparent USB 2.0 interface supports keyboard, mouse, tablets and touch screens, sound modules, printers, smartcard readers, serial adapters and more. USB Save kvm-tec's security feature prevents the intrusion of computer viruses via the transparent USB interface by disabling mass storage devices support such as USB sticks and external hard disk drives.

A USB 2.0 memory option is included supporting USB memory stick and USB hard drive. When enabled, this option allows the use of a USB memory stick or a USB hard drive for transferring data.

With the included matrix switching system, MX2000 can be used with a dedicated 10GB Ethernet network switch to create one-to-many and many-to one configurations, or even a complete many-to-many KVM matrix switching system without any additional hardware. MX2000 on-screen display (OSD) system is then used to control the connections of your matrix.

Additionally,the included KVM-SM2000 Switching Manager kvm-tec's intelligent software provides easy and intuitive management of all KVM extenders in the switching system.

A low cost, 3-year extended warranty is also available for a total warranty coverage of five years.

Mouse Glide & SwitchMouse Glide & Switch
Mouse Glide & SwitchOperated via the included Switching Manager, Mouse Glide & Switch feature supports cursor switching, controlling multiple computers using only one mouse and one keyboard, switching between computers by moving the cursor from one screen to another. Different sizes of monitors can be combined and arranged as desired. An arrangement of up to 8 monitors (displaying video from eight computers) can be horizontal or vertical - comparable to a virtual desktop wall.

Mouse Glide & Switch feature is ideal for ergonomic and efficient working at the workplace. The simple dragging of the mouse from one monitor to the other allows a very user-friendly and intuitive operation. No hotkey switching is necessary. With Mouse Glide & Switch feature and without additional hardware, the mouse and keyboard are automatically switched from one PC to the other based on the user's location of the mouse-cursor. For better orientation, a mode can be activated which briefly shows a red frame on the screen corresponding to the PC that has keyboard/mouse focus and is being controlled.