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3-input (HDMI; VGA; composite), 1-output classroom switcher / scaler 

with DVI-I output connector 

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• 3 Inputs: 1x HDMI; 1x VGA; 1x composite (each w/ audio)
• 1 Output: 1x HDMI on a DVI-I connector with audio on 2x RCA connectors
• Max Resolution - 1080p/WUXGA
• Auto Switching
• Lip Sync Delay
• Control - OSD (on-screen display), Web page, Ethernet, RS-232
• Built-in ProcAmp

VP-439 is a high-performance digital switcher and scaler for computer graphics (VGA) video, composite and HDMI signals, including audio.

It up/down scales the selected HDMI, composite or computer graphics video/YPbPr input and outputs it to HDMI on a DVI-I connector. 

Features and Benefits
• Maximum Resolution - Up to 1080p/WUXGA
• HDTV Compatible
• HDCP Compliant
• Auto Switching - Searches for a valid signal when the input signal is lost
• Automatic Input Audio Detection and Selection - Selects embedded audio for HDMI inputs, or analog audio when DVI is detected
• Auto-Power Down - If no input signal is detected for 2 to 3 minutes, output is shut down
• Analog Audio Inputs - For composite, PC (VGA) and HDMI
• Lip Sync Delay
• On-Screen Display (OSD) - For easy setup and adjustment, accessible via the front-panel buttons
• Flexible Control Options - Front panel buttons, OSD (on-screen display), Web page, Ethernet, RS-232
• Built-in ProcAmp - For convenient adjustment of video parameters, such as brightness, contrast, color, sharpness and hue
• Non-Volatile Memory - Saves final settings