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4K with HDR HDMI extender (transmitter/receiver kit) 

extends 4K 18G to 115 feet, 1080p to 164 feet with 4K to 1080p down convert, HDMI pass-thru, power over CAT, 2-way IR, handshake control, forced HPD 

Key Digital® KD-EX18G is a Ultra-HD over twisted-pair HDMI extender Transmitter + Receiver set with 4K/Ultra-HD resolution and bandwidth support up to 18Gbps and HDCP 2.2 compliancy.

KD-EX18G extends video resolutions up to 4096x2160 at 60hz with 4:4:4 chroma sub-sampling over a single CAT-5e/6 cable up to 115 feet (35 m). 1080p signals are extended up to 164 feet (50 m).

In addition to HDMI video and audio signals, KD-EX18G carries IR for controlling remotely located equipment.

KD-EX18G features 4K to 1080p down convert, EDID handshake control, and hot plug detection integration tools, as well as an HDMI pass-thru port for connecting to AV Surround Receivers or local monitors.

Key DigitalSignal Extension (for resolution and cable quality)
• 4K/Ultra-HD: Up to 35m (115 feet) using CAT-5e/6
• 1080p: Up to 50m (164 feet) maximum
• Minimum: 5m (17 feet) CAT-5e/6 cable length required for all resolutions

Surround Audio Support (on HDMI pass-thru and Ultra-HD over twisted-pair outputs)
• HDMI Pass-Thru: Supports Dolby®, Dolby® TrueHD, DTS™ and DTS-HD™ (formats up to 7.1)
• Ultra-HD over twisted-pair Output: Supports Dolby®, DTS™ (formats up to 5.1/6.1)

Rack Mounting
In addition to mounting with the supplied L-Brackets, multiple KD-EX18G units may be mounted in KD-SMS16 using the side mounting screws.

Features and Benefits
• Ultra-HD over twisted-pair via Single CAT-5e/6 UTP/STP Extension: With fully automatic adjustment of feedback, equalization, and amplification depending on cabling length
• 4K Resolution Support: 4096x2160 or 3840x2160 24/25/30/60hz at 4:4:4 (signals up to 18Gbps bandwidth)
• Visually Lossless Compression: 18G enabling technology applied to all video formats exceeding 10.2Gbps to accommodate Ultra-HD over twisted-pair transmission channel
• 4K to 1080p Down Convert: Optional resolution conversion applied at Ultra-HD over twisted-pair output provides added integration options in retrofit installations as well as added distance performance
• 10G Pass-thru: Mode enables uncompressed 10.2Gbps signal extension
• Flexible Power over CAT (PoC): Only one power connection needed: Tx may power Rx, or Rx may power Tx
• Low Profile: Slim chassis design
• HDR10 (High Dynamic Range): More life-like images through a greater range of luminance levels
• HDCP 2.2: Compliancy up to HDCP 2.2 and backward compliant
• Deep Color Support: Up to Ultra-HD/4K 30Hz 4:4:4/12 bits or 60Hz 4:2:2/8 bit
• EDID Control: Internal library with 15 EDID handshakes including 4K with HDR in addition to native EDID data from Output/Display device connected to Rx
• Hot Plug Detection Control: Enables integrator to choose if active signal voltage is forced to connected display/output device
• Full Buffer System™: Manages TMDS re-clocking / signal re-generation, HDCP authentication with source and display, EDID handshake control, and Hot Plug Detection control
• IR Sensor: Sensor powering via +5V on IR In ports collects line-of-sight IR from remote(s) without external IR connecting block
• Up/Down IR: Two channels of IR enable control to/from devices or control systems connected to Tx and Rx units
• HDMI Pass-Through: Enables connection to local monitor or AV Receiver

Included Accessories
1x 12V/2A, 24W DC Power Supply (Screw-In Type). SKU: KD-PS12V2ASC
4x Mounting Brackets
1x IR Emitter
1x IR Sensor


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