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Key Digital
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8x8 4K Ultra-HD HDBaseT HDMI PoH matrix switcher 

with integrated audio, DSP/de-embedding of analog L/R balanced/unbalanced, digital coaxial audio and ARC (includes 8 Receivers: 6x standard range and 2 long range) 

Key Digital

Key Digital® KD-Pro8x8D is a Ultra-HD/4K, HDCP 2.2, and ARC-supporting digital video matrix switch with audio de-embedding on analog and digital audio connectors.

Video outputs feature simultaneously active HDMI and HDBaseT ports for simplistic single-wire integration with displays throughout the distributed video system.

Six short range (model KD-X88SHRx) and two long range (model KD-X88LGRx) Receivers deliver Ultra-HD/4K video up to 125 feet and 300 feet respectively and are powered at the matrix switch.

IR and RS-232 control routing adds up to 34 control ports to third-party control systems.

Features and Benefits
• 4K/Ultra-HD resolution: Supports signals up to 4096x2160 @ 60Hz [4:2:0] 8bit, 4096x2160 @ 30Hz [4:2:2] 12bit, and 4096x2160 @ 30Hz [4:4:4] 8bit
• Bandwidth: 10.2Gbps supports Ultra-HD/4K resolutions with HDR via EDID handshaking
• Simultaneously active: 8x HDBaseT (CAT-5e/6 RJ45) and 8x HDMI outputs with fully automatic CAT-5e/6 cable equalization supporting up to 16 displays (8 mirrored)
• HDBaseT Rx Receivers included: 8 total Rx Receivers integrate with built-in HDBaseT Tx output ports: 6x standard range KD-X88SHRx; 2x long range KD-X88LGRx
KD-Pro8x8D• HDR (High Dynamic Range): More life-like images through a greater range of luminance levels
• HDCP 2.2 and HDMI licensing: Fully licensed and compatible with HDCP 2.2 and HDMI latest technologies
• Deep Color support: Up to 12 bits/color
• Audio Return Channel: Audio may be returned from display to respective audio output
• Audio de-embedding: Audio from the selected HDMI input may be de-embedded through the coax digital (PCM) and analog L/R balanced/unbalanced output
• Audio DSP: Variable level settings for volume, muting, 3-band EQ, balance, and lip-sync delay per output
• Full Buffer™ technology: Full buffering of HDCP and EDID, for the fastest possible switching and viewing of any source/input to any display/output, regardless of multiple output viewing relation
• EDID control: Internal library with 15 default EDID configurations for each input, in addition to native EDID data for any Output/Display
• TMDS re-clocking: Support for long HDBaseT and HDMI runs and many layers of connectivity
• Voltage control: Two dedicated 3-pin relays and any control I/O ports may be used as a voltage trigger
• Lossless compressed digital audio: Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio™
• Control routing: Enables bi-directional IR/RS-232 control signal extension adding 36 ports to control system
• Control integration: TCP/IP, RS-232, and USB with full bi-directional operation, front panel push buttons and LEDs, front/rear optical IR, serial IR
• Control system support: Key Digital® App ready, Compass Control® Pro ready, KDWizard ® ready. Fully controllable by all IR, RS-232, TCP/IP supported control systems
via open API: AMX®, Crestron®, Control4®, KNX®, RTI®, Savant, URC®, Leviton® etc.
• Key Digital® App Ready (Coming Soon): Scan & detect population for pre-built GUI and TCP/IP control via Key Digital® App

Signal Extension via KD-X88SHRx
• Up to 125 feet @ 4K/Ultra HD
• Up to 200 feet @ 1080p/60/24, 1080i, 720p

Signal Extension via KD-X88LGRx
• Up to 300 feet @ 4K/Ultra HD
• Up to 500 feet @ 1080p/60/24, 1080i, 720p

Audio Return Channel (ARC)
KD-Pro8x8D supports Audio Return Channel. When enabled, audio from the connected display is returned to the matrix and output on KD-Pro8x8D's audio de-embed ports.
ARC is useful in applications where an internet-enabled display is streaming content. ARC is a means for the audio to still reach the distributed audio system or AV Receiver.
ARC must be enabled via IR, RS-232, or TCP/IP. After enabling ARC, the output's digital and analog audio connection will provide the audio returned from the display/output.

ARC Support via HDBaseT (Outputs 1 and 5 only)
• Supported by KD-X88LGRx only (not KD-X88SHRx)
• KD-X88LGRx supports ARC on two connectors:
• HDMI connection from an ARC supported display
• Toslink optical external audio output of the display

ARC Support via HDMI (All outputs)
• Ensure that display and HDMI cable support ARC

• 6x standard range receiver extenders, model KD-X88SHRx
• 2x long range receiver extenders, model KD-X88LGRx
• 2x external power supplies +12V/6.6A (80W) for powering of matrix and POH Rx units, model
• IR remote control, model KD-REMOTEHM88
• 6 foot USB A to Micro USB data cable
• 8x IR emitters
• Rack mount ears

About KD-X88SHRx and KD-X88LGRx HDBaseT receive extenders
• Extend HDMI video + audio, and control (IR and RS-232) via a single CAT-5e/6 UTP or STP cable
• Powered at the matrix: No local power connections needed

• Up to 200 feet @ 1080p/60, 1080p/24, 1080i, 720p
• Up to 125 feet @ 4K/Ultra HD

• Up to 500 feet @ 1080p/60 (Long Range Mode)
• Up to 328 feet @ 1080p/60 (Standard Range Mode)
• Up to 328 feet @ 4K/Ultra HD

Long Range Mode
• If set to for Outputs 1 or 5, 1080p/60 signals are extended up to 500 feet (152m). Ultra-HD/4K is not supported if Long Range Mode is enabled
• Must be set in unit via IR or control software
• Must be set on desired KD-X88LGRx unit via Control Rotary