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RK-DVX-Plus - 16-Port Transmitter

Model No. RK-DVX-PLUS-TX16S Usually ships in 7-10 business days or less

RK-DVX-Plus - 16-Port Transmitter
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RK-DVX-PLUS-TX16S: Consolidates multiple DVX-Plus DVI-D/USB extenders into one manageable rack-mountable solution 

for extending USB 1.1 and DVI-D up to 275 feet using standard twisted pair cables - powered rack/chassis with DVI-D/USB CAT-6 STP transmitters, 16 card package 

DVX-Plus extends Universal Serial Bus (USB 1.1) and Digital Visual Interface (DVI) video signals via common twisted pair cable.

Using a unique method of transparent data transfer, the system allows a USB peripheral and DVI video to be located up to 275 feet from the CPU.

DVX Plus enhances any presentation from commercial products to corporate financial data. It can be used in show rooms, board rooms, trade shows and window displays.

Data Broadcasting
Data such as news, stock prices, sports results, and flight information can be broadcast in real time to various monitors and/or speakers.

Learning and Training
DVX-PLUS can be used in educational presentations, in schools and in other training facilities.

Additional Applications
DVX Plus can also be used in the following applications;
Security, PC Networking, Conference Center Systems, Point of Sale, Camera Surveillance, Control Room Systems, and many more.

Features and Benefits
• Supports DVI-D single-link
• Supports Mac, PC, and Linux DVI
• Supports high resolution 1920x1200 60Hz WUXGA
• Distance: 275 feet with two CAT-6 STP cables
• Uses universal DVI single-link connectors
• Zero pixel loss with TMDS signal correction
• DDC from internal table for Mac/PC
• Supports all USB 1.1 devices transparently (flash-drives, printers, etc.)
• Supports USB 1.1 keyboard and mouse
• Compatible with all operating systems
• Compatible with all major KVM switches
• Rack mountable solution
• Data recovery for digital video
• Supports 1.5 and 12Mbps data rates
• Plug-and-play

Package Includes
• RK-DVX-Plus - 16-Port Transmitter (RK-DVX-PLUS-TX16)
• 6 foot power cord (CCPWR06)


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