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HDMI Detective Plus [SD]

Model No. EXT-HD-EDIDPN[SD] In stock

HDMI Detective Plus [SD]
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EXT-HD-EDIDPN: Keep HDMI sources and displays in perfect sync

High Definition displays with HDMI inputs use EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) to ensure that a connected Hi-Def source sends compatible audio and video signals. In some scenarios, this data can be lost, resulting in an incorrect signal or complete loss of audio and/or video.

Gefen HDMI EDID Detective Plus has been designed specifically to address this issue by recording the display EDID data and making it available to the Hi-Def source reliably and on a continuous basis. With DDC re-clocking technology, the reliability of HDCP handshaking is improved, ensuring that the Hi-Def source always receives the correct EDID.

Using Gefen EDID Tool+ PC software (downloaded separately) or terminal emulation via USB, the installer can also manipulate/modify the EDID data to meet installation-specific requirements and resolve system-specific compatibility issues.

HDMI EDID Detective Plus has been designed for quick and easy programming and installation.

User Application
Essential for applications where source and display are regularly switched or disconnected. Rapid re-syncing of source and display is easily and consistently achieved when using the HDMI Detective Plus.

How it Works
To program the EDID, connect the included HDMI cable from the Detective to the HDMI input of the display. Connect the included power supply to the unit and plug the power cord into an available electrical outlet. Disable the Write Protect Switch, set the DIP switches to the appropriate positions, and press the Program button. Once the EDID programming is completed, the display and power supply can be disconnected without losing the recorded EDID. If a suitable EDID cannot be recorded, there are six pre-programmed EDID profiles and six user-programmable EDID banks that can be used. Instructions for selecting one of the pre-programmed EDID profiles and for copying/ uploading additional EDIDs are outlined in the user's manual. Connect an HDMI cable, up to the recommended maximum cable length, from the Hi-Def source to the HDMI input on the Detective. Re-connect the included DC power supply and plug the power cord into an available electrical outlet. Power on the source and the display and a pristine Ultra High Definition picture will appear.

HDMI Features Supported
• 12-bit Deep Color
• LPCM 7.1 audio, Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby Digital® Plus,and DTS-HD® Master Audio™
• 3DTV pass-through
• Lip-Sync pass-through
• CEC pass-through

Features and Benefits
• Supports resolutions up to 1080p Full HD, and 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
• USB port for advanced programming of features such as EDID management
• Configurable using Gefen EDID Tool+ software, downloadable from Gefen website
• DDC Re-clocking
• Records the EDID from a display
• 6 pre-programmed EDID profiles
• 6 user-programmable EDID banks for copying/uploading EDIDs
• Selectable HDCP pass-through
• Field updatable firmware via USB port
• Compact and portable

Package Includes
1x HDMI Detective Plus (EXT-HD-EDIDPN)
1x 1 foot Locking HDMI Cable (CAB-HD-LCK-01MM)
1x 6 foot Mini USB to USB Cable (CAB-MUSB2USB-6-O)
1x 5V DC Power Supply (EXT-PS526AIPN)
1x Quick-Start Guide (QSG-HD-EDIDPN)

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