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Fiber Video Extenders

Small, lightweight, detachable DVI fiber-optic transmitter and receiver pairs extend uncompressed resolutions up to 3840x2400 up to 1640 feet

Detachable DVI Extenders over Fiber

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HDMI extenders with HDCP support over a single strand of SC-terminated multi-mode fiber-optic cable up to 6600 feet at 1080p; 3300 feet at 4K

HDMI Extenders over Fiber-Optic

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Extend the range of copper DisplayPort cables up to 150 feet, or use CAT-7 or fiber optic cables to extend DisplayPort @ 2560x1600 up to 1000 feet

DisplayPort Extenders

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Extend an HDMI plasma/LCD display monitor up to 5,000 feet (1,524 meters) away from the source via single-mode or multimode fiber optic cables

XTENDEX HDMI over Fiber Extenders

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Extend DVI video signals over fiber-optic cables up to 6,600 feet away from a DVI computer, DVD player or satellite set-top to any DVI screen

DVI Extenders over Fiber

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Single- and dual-link DVI video extenders over singlemode or multimode fiber-optic cables up to 4,920 feet from DVI source to DVI display

XTENDEX DVI Video Fiber-Optic Extenders

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Extend HDMI at 4K Ultra HD or 1080p over EMI/RFI resistant fiber optics up to 1,000 feet point-to-point extension

HDMI Extension over Fiber

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DVI video extenders with optional audio and RS232 over CATx cable, fiber optic or DVI video cable for extension of digital video up to 1,500 feet

DVI Extenders

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