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K202B: Small form-factor 2-port high security DVI-I single-link KVM switch 

supporting USB keyboard/mouse, with active anti-tampering and top panel push-buttons 

K202B secure KVM switch features the most protections and separations between connected computers available on the market. With two connected computers, K202B offers impressive levels of communications, even when connecting computers that are on different levels of security clearance and Internet access.

K202B utilizes unidirectional optical data-diodes which insulates all connections from any possible points of data leakage among peripherals. Every K202B secure KVM switch is rigorously and extensively tested to ensure it will remain stalwart against any known form of KVM security attacks. The unit has been certified to meet EAL 4+ standards to assure it provides the highest level of security possible.

Common CriteriaK202B was specifically designed to meet the requirements of organizations that require access to computers with varying protections. With always-on anti-tampering sensors, users can rely on the integrity of the device's safety protections.

K202B can also be used to securely filter and lock USB ports preventing data export/import through mass-storage devices by hardware.

Highest security by design. A derivative of a TEMPEST product used in NATO nuclear submarines, designed to support isolation between national security networks, K202B is Common Criteria EAL 4+ approved and NIAP PCL listed.

Hardware Based peripheral protection/isolation. Absolutely no dependency on firmware or software. All firmware is in ROM (Read Only Memory). No keyboard buffering or memory. More than 60dB isolation between channels.

Unidirectional optical data diodes used to secure USB peripherals isolation. Data can flow from devices to host only. No reverse data flow possible by physics. Can be used between widest security gaps.

Display Plug and Play (DDC) protection. Leakage prevention through patented emulated technology. Signaling attacks prevented by design. DDC/EDID is fully functional.

Future-proof. Supports widest variety of peripherals and computers supports different video formats from single-link 1920x1200 DVI to 2048x1536 VGA. Supports latest keyboards, mice. Supports computers with all Operating Systems.

Peripherals security. Full USB devices filtering to assure support for keyboard and mouse only.

Active anti-tampering. Always-on active anti-tampering with 10 years battery. Special holographic tampering evident labels.

Security Functions
• USB ports supporting only keyboard and mouse through host emulation and strong filtering.
• Optical Data Diode assures unidirectional flow from devices to computers.
• Firmware change can not cause leakage between channels or data export.
• Isolated power supplies for each device emulator.
• Firmware resides on ROM.
• EDID is highly isolated and fully emulated. EDID content qualification function (firewall).
• Battery powered anti-tampering system to disable product in case of mechanical intrusion.
• Special holographic Temper Evident Labels.

Peripheral Security
• USB ports supporting only keyboard and mouse through host emulation.
• Data-diode assures USB unidirectional flow from devices to host.
• Firmware change can not cause leakage between channels or data export.

• Government Operations
• Defense Applications
• Security Control Rooms
• Corporate Communications and
• Server Operations
• Medical Campuses
• Airports

Features and Benefits
• Small form factor: Weighing as little as 1.5 lbs. and with a width of 5.4 Inches, it occupies minimum desktop space
• Low cost: Attractively priced and yet not compromising product's high-quality and security
• Validated to EAL 4+ security standards
• Complies with Common Criteria Protection Profile 2.1
• Manage four connected computers in isolation
• Advanced scaling enables no quality loss
• Unidirectional data paths
• Dedicated processors for emulation
• USB port protection